Posting pictures of items we have made from patterns here

Hi All,
Is there a place within this group where we can post pictures of the items we have made from the patterns offered here?
I am still learning my way around in Ribblr. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi! Yes to share photos of your makes from patterns here on Ribblr is by using the journal, of course you’re more than welcome to share it here in the community and also sharing your makes not from patterns here (although you can’t make a journal from patterns not on Ribblr)

I try to do this when I can, this should definitely help you understand your way around Ribblr :smile: if you ever need help never hesitate to ask in the community, if you need immediate answers feel free to use the help center, search in the community, or the wiki [link below] and community guidelines if needed :smile: Happy crafting! Hope to see your crafts soon as well :smile:


These are pictures of the Cow Plushie that I made for my great-granddaughter for Christmas. She requested one like this that she saw on TikTok, The pattern is by nawijkicrochet.
I made a post in my journal but couldn’t find how to upload the photos from my phone into the journal post. Still learning!!!