Pride 2022 B.Y.O.P Craft Along!

Pronouns: He/They

Optional: Introduce yourself, if you’re part of the community feel free to give your identities but don’t feel pressured to out yourself or label yourself.

Thought we could all show our pride with a fun little craft along. But there’s a slight twist and that is that it’s a Bring Your Own Project craft along. Basically anything that you want to make that’s representative of pride to you.

It could be simply that it’s an item that’s the colours of a pride flag of your choice or the yarn/fabric is from a Queer owned company (support small business y’all!) or even the pattern being from a Queer designer (don’t default to Stephen West, there’s other designers that deserve some of the attention that he gets).

WIPs are just as welcome as new projects.

Note: You don’t have to be part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community to take part

My little introduction: I’m JZ, I’m a 29 year old environmentalist doing my best but accepting my imperfections. I’m a trans masculine nonbinary person, I’m also a panromantic asexual.

My project plans!
I have a few things planned so it’ll be interesting to see what I actually manage to get done. I don’t have any photos of my projects yet but here’s what I have planned.

  • Sewing: Knitting needle case with a rainbow EPP hexie flower on the outside.
  • Knitting: Trans flag with intarsia equality symbol on.
  • Knitting: Rainbow socks! Not sure which pattern yet though.
  • Tablet/Card Weaving: Trans flag themed weaving, possibly a belt?



Hi all I’m JB and I’m a 35 year old graphic designer and illustrator, living my life day by day.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll be making but I’ve got some ideas for projects:

knitting - A lace scarf in Manos del Uruguay’s Holi colour way which is rainbow tastic. (this would be a new start)
knitting - A pair of vanilla socks from sinister knits yarn if i can find a good pair…or a hat from their yarn not sure what (this would also be a new start)
embroidery something fun I think. not sure what yet

So yeah I’ll pick some thing from this list, or something else but it’ll defiantly be fun


Hey I’m Jaq (she / her).
Level 42 demi-pansexual (although I use the demi-bisexual flag because it’s prettier) and Excel guru / maths geek.

I’ll work on my rainbow blanket that I started for pride two years ago. It is currently slightly smaller than a double bed but will reach super kingsize based on my calculations.

Also have some four at a time rainbow socks I stopped over the xmas season because one of the four socks ended up eith the wrong stitch count!


idk if you can edit later cuz I only have one idea

Hi, I’m Charlie, he/they, 25, ace, pan and trans.

I have some yarn I bought from Bistitchual’s website (owned by two queer people in the Toronto area), might get more to make something else but with this yarn I wanna make socks. Don’t have a pattern so if anyone has one that’s easy enough feel free to send it my way :slight_smile:


I was wondering if you’d picked those socks back up yet, i think this us the oerfect month to bash them out! Have I seen this blanket?


If I remember right you haven’t made socks before right? If you like i could dig up the vanilka sock vixeo for beginners I used when i made my first socks. It has every step in the video and there’s a written pattern to go with it.
I think you can edit up to a certain time but you can always make new podts with new ideas and updates :slight_smile:


This is what I’ve decided on for my tablet weaving, the empty squares are going to be white yarn of course. I’ll be using Drops Nord for the weaving, hopefully it’ll be wide enough to use as a belt or a strap on something. I’m using darker shades of blue and pink than are in the actual trans flag due to wanting to be able to use it and finding the pastel tones dysphoria inducing.


Hi everyone, I’m Ivy!

I’m queer, not sure which labels fit me to be honest. Bi or pan for sure. As for gender I’m in the middle of figuring that one out. Probably nonbinary? I don’t feel cis for sure. Currently using she/they pronouns but I don’t mind any others.

I’m married to someone in pretty much the same place. Probably bi, probably nonbinary but he uses he/him right now. We’re figuring it out together for both of us. We have two kids together, hoping to raise them in a way that they feel like they know who they are before almost 30.

I’ve been knitting for ten years and crocheting for 3. I’ve tried my hand at a lot of crafts along the way, I used to cosplay and I have ADHD so I’m a bit of a jack of all trades I guess.

As for a project for pride, that sounds like an amazing idea! But…I don’t know what I would do. Guess it’s a little like my identity, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m gonna try to find something, and I do love rainbows! I’ve been really into making dice bags lately, maybe I’ll make myself one.


Hey guys!
She/her pronouns here, and one million percent your ally.
Need a friend? Got your back.
Need a mom? Wear your seatbelt, use hand sanitizer, and remember I love you.

I’ll be working on a sling bag for a friends child. They’ve recently come out as non-binary and would like something fun to carry their teenage necessities around this summer. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m a 33 year old ace/aro costume designer living with 3 cats and a twin sister. Pronouns? I don’t really care, I think that’s an option too I just don’t know what it is.

My project plans tend to be very sporadic, but things I’m working on making to sell at my first art market!
-ice cream animal Amigurumis
-other rando amigurumis
-bucket hats
-witch hats
-maybe some market bags.

I crochet, trying to learn knitting but I have a problem with having ridiculously tight tension. :grimacing:


Hi y’all!!
My name is Chely, I am 23 years old, and I am pan.
This will be my first time contributing to a craft along and I’m beyond excited that it is centered around Pride.
I will be working on a pride cross stitch that says, “Love Always Wins.” It has beautiful rainbows and wonderful colors!!


It’s perfectly find to be unsure which label fits and for labels to change over time so don’t stress about it :slight_smile:

As far as figuring out what project you could do, remember it can be a pattern from a queer creator so for all you know you might have a few in your planned projects list. But a dice bag is always fun, personally I love seeing them in different flag colours.

That sounds like a plan, do you have a pattern picked out or are you winging it?

That narwhal ice cream amigurumi looks adorable. With knitting tension, are you holding the yarn in your left hand like in crochet (I’m assuming you knit right handed sorry) or in your right hand? Because I started with crochet and I found knitting continental style (yarn in left hand) much easier to keep my tension even as I was able to tension the same way I’m used to with crochet. And you can always go up needle sizes to counteract the tightness, this is why swatches are so important so you can figure out which needle to use for your tension.

I’m glad you decided to join! An advantage to this being your first craft along is it’s a no pressure do whatever project you want one, no pressure to have a finish by the end of the month either. Who’s the pattern designer or is it a self-made pattern?

I look forward to seeing what everyone does!
Happy first day of pride!


@JZsketch I’m using a tutorial on YouTube by Bag-O-Day crochet. It’s a Japanese knot bag, and I’ll be using pride flag colors.


I’m holding the yarn in my left hand, but I’m so used to Amigurumi and the tight grip needed that I’m just choking the poor needles! I’ll have to keep trying, :crazy_face:


I like her videos she’s a very positive person, I mostly watch her haul videos and I love how she gives away most of it instead of just hoarding what she won’t use. I look forward to seeing the finished product!

@Hatshenaniganz Yeah I feel that XD it’ll improve with practice though!


It’s halfway through the month and I have yet to post another update, sorry about that! I’ve been struggling with my health so that’s greatly cut into my ability to craft but I’ve been poking at things,

First up I’ve started my pride socks! It’s not going to be a full rainbow but I know they’re my pride socks so that’s what’s important. Here’s the yarn and the current state.

I’ve restarted my trans flag washcloth but I made yet another mistake so I’m going to have to start over again, it’s a little further than in this photo but I don’t have a newer photo at hand.

I need to undo a few rows to fix the messy look it has but I started my weaving! I hope it’s more clear in this photo with how the pattern will work up, it’s going to be straight lines with the flag colours but the black will be in a wave.

And last of all we have a bonus project! I forgot all about this project but I’m so glad I randomly remembered it yesterday because it’s perfect for pride. It’s a basic mitered square pattern using my vegan sock yarn from my yarn advent last year. It’s a mixture of cotton, bamboo and elastic. I’m hoping to make it into a little pillow since it has cooling properties due to the fibres and figured it would be perfect for the hot weather.

I’d love to see what everyone’s been working on and where you’re at.


Nice progress! I can’t imagine knitting or crocheting socks, such tiny work.

I finished the rainbow shawl I was working on!

It’s a beautiful gradient yarn from Hobbii, and 100% cotton. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Knitting is still a huge work in progress haha. :smiling_face_with_tear:


It’s a lot easier than people realise, then again I crochet with 1.5mm hooks so who am I to talk XD (I love crocheting lace doilies). That shawl is so pretty! Now I’m imagining how amazing that yarn would look alongside a black yarn in a shawl or blanket!


Smallest hook I’ve used is 2.5mm, for some smaller Amigurumi haha!

Black and this yarn would be fun! They have solid colors in it too so you can add extra rows with more!


Progress photo… spent hours writing out the pattern I used (after hours working out which it was), then drilled into my sock errors to work out where I was and what to fix. Finally fixed it and am now just knitting legs.

It’s gonna be long (halfway through the yarn atm) so I’ll have to do some calf increase calculations