Question about no-sew projects

I see a lot of people saying they want no-sew amigurumi projects. Most say they don’t like sewing pieces on. I am curious why that is.

Is it just the process of it. Like you can’t get them on solid enough. If so, a video could be added to show you how. Like, my tips.

Or is it the placement issue. That could be specified within the pattern, if that is the case.

I like no-sew myself, but am ok with sewing pieces on too. How about you?


I love no sew but I’m not opposed to sewing, whenever I sew it, it always ends up missplaced even when I pin it down and there’s some with a lot of pieces to sew and it’ll take some time to sew it all together with a chance of me losing the piece lol :rofl:


I personally find it hard because of the placement, as I sew the piece moves, I’ve tried everything and it still happens, I also don’t know how to exactly do it, like where to insert the needle first, but patterns that include a video of the sewing process do help


I dont mind sewing, I never really ‘liked’ sewing. The pieces end up wonky or not how I like them. Then that kind of makes it to where I dont like the finished product. I love no sew patterns, but all the patterns in my shop are ones you have to sew together. Because they are mostly plants, and I love how they come out with all the sewing. No sew patterns are great, I’m currently working on a few patterns for my shop right now. Will they be no sew, probably not. They dont always turn out wonky, some even turn out great. It really just depends on how much sewing there is. Have a nice rest of your day! :smile:


For me it’s two things, one is the placement. Even if I pin it first, it always seems to move during the sewing process. Two is that all the pieces that need to be attached seem to be so small and it hurts my fingers to try to hold a tiny little thing while crocheting.

I’ll of course keep practicing my sewing skills for the sake of adorable patterns but it’s far from my favorite thing to do.


A lot of the amigurumi projects I decide to make require sewing and I’m ok with it. I’ve never been able to get the hang of pinning so I mostly take things slow to make sure everything is lining up right. I try pinning sometimes but it’s frustrating when they keep popping out.


it’s really tedious and there isn’t a lot of room for error. if you mess up the placement you have to find where you hid the end and take forever to pull out the string or risk and cut it but then you could cut your actually thing. especially with heads and stuff the placement is really important or else it’s lopsided so you have to get it perfect


I honestly don’t know why people don’t like sewing but then again…I am a seamstress so I’m severely biased. I haven’t had a problem with pieces being eneven but I think that’s just experience, I love how you can decide exactly how your piece looks with choosing your own placement. What has been helpful for getting the placement to look like the patterns I’m following is when they say what row and how stitches apart to attach, its a great starting point!


yes, that should always be there, I think.


I do not like sewing at all. :no_entry_sign: :sewing_needle: I do not find it relaxing. My mom sews and she has tried to teach me but I just don’t enjoy it. :no_good_woman: Some people show up at mom’s with laundry…not me. I showed up with mending. Not even a button. A lot of my WIPs are clothing that do not have buttons sewn on yet :no_good_woman: :no_entry_sign: :sewing_needle: No No No No No and a a Hell to the No


basically just a repetition of what everyone else is saying – but when i have my pieces pinned on, they’re perfect. during and after sewing… not so much. these hands were made to create AND destroy.


I personally don’t make ami, but I still prefer no-sew projects… my reason is no matter how detailed the instructions, mine never turns out quite right and being a perfectionist, it bugs me… (I’ll do some sewing on garments, but even that I would prefer not as I just don’t enjoy it)

(Ignore his face he wasn’t happy about his picture being taken (until I let him be silly) The designer of this hat has amazing instructions of where and how, but I still think the “muzzle” looks wonky (even more so in person) and this is the best one I’ve ever done…


It does sometimes take me several tries to get it just right. I’ve learned not to weave the ends in until I show someone else. :wink:


Also, I never start this part of the project late in the day. Fresh eyes, and well rested, work the best for me.


The only thing I don’t like about sewing is when I’m already done sewing something on and it’s crooked if that makes sense


That’s a big part of mine, but no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get it perfect


Its a completely different feeling than crocheting. It kinda ruins the flow imo since you take a break to do something completely different to what you sat down to do.
Tho i guess embroidering is the same, but it doesnt bother me as much for some reason. idk sewing just feels like it slows me down. I wanted to crochet but i cant continue what i want till i do something i dont want, so i just don’t do it. I have loads of wips that are just body parts laying around. If i do a no-sew i know i can possibly do it in 1 sitting, and i will still be in the flow so i can even start another project and not feel like i lost my focus. If the last step is to sew, it just feels like i hit a wall, and if i start sewing i wont feel like doing more crafts today, so i put it down and start another project to keep the flow going, but then i never go back to the sewing one.
Ive been trying to work on it tho, like i finished a little tree stump that needed a lot of sewing. Also I’ve worked on high sew projects before, like complicated knot’s roly poly, and it ended up being one of my favorites.

I also like that it’s more clear what to do when you just crochet. A lot of my hobbies are clear like that. Crochet u follow the stitch, crossstitch and diamond painting you follow the grid. Sewing is more free form, i need to be in the right headspace for something like that

Also sorry for the long message lol


With the eyes on my dolls, I put stitch markers on the edges, so I can’t go too low (usually the problem for me)


no worries, I asked for it :wink:


I actually saw a tip on this issue a while back. Instead of using pins try attaching the two parts with stitch markers! They lock so they won’t fall off and you can get the placement right without sticking yourself!