Question of the Day - September 21

Today’s question is:
What is an achievement that you are most proud of?
Here we go:
I was the first person to win two times in a row (the most you can win) and I’m known for that
How about you?
Shoutout to @PotterNerd357
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For being student of the month with exactly a 4.0 GPA, no one else in my school has ever done that. Also for loving and being good at poetry. And one last one that im very proud of, is where I am now in life with my severe social anxiety I have achieved so much I thought I would never achieve.


Winning first place in a competition between schools for a speech i did last year. I’m trying to win this year too! :blush:


being able to grow and maturing while keeping my childish side…

to be honest, this question has me emotional right now. this question actually had me questioned “what are some accomplishments that you are proud of destiny?” i am honestly so proud of myself for where i am currently and i don’t acknowledge myself at all.

i actually had a overwhelming day on tuesday and there was only one squishmallow that was left that i wanted from monday (which was surprisingly still there for me)!! i bought myself a little squishmallow and she’s (her name is mead) my support buddy! i vented to her and it felt amazing to release those feelings! mind you, i am in my early/mid twenties & this is the best thing for me currently.


Probably being the top person in all 4 of my classes last year (at my co-op) and getting better grades than I ever expected, there and with the rest of my work!


Sooo I think my largest accomplishment is my crocheting. Aside from the fact that I ride Dirtbikes for a sport lol. When I began crocheting I had a hard time getting started, and I mainly did it because I was really into dragons. I followed a YouTuber named courtney Nicole. She made dragons out of rubber bands, and I too, soon took the art of rubber band dragon making lol. She took a year long break from YouTube, then uploaded a video explaining where she had been for a year, and that was my one way ticket to my yarn dreamland.

I always loved making stuffed animals, and considered the rubber band dragons to be kinda like them….but rubbery stuffed animals. You couldn’t sleep with them, and they were not very cost efficient. I tried my luck at selling them, but sadly that failed. So then I looked to the bright side and tried to learn to crochet. I was excited to say the least, filled with my hopes and dreams of someday making plushies! But I realized, I would have to start from the beginning, and what seemed to be wonderland, suddenly became the underworld.

It was very daunting at first, trying to learn how to crochet, I was following YouTube tutorials, but almost all of the tutorials I watched were right handed ones, and all of the left handed tutorials I didn’t really understand, I was also most likely using the wrong hook size as well. It was complicated, and I couldn’t help feeling like I was the only person in the world that couldn’t learn to crochet, but little did I know what was in store for me.

I kept watching more and more videos, and eventually after I had mastered the chain st, I began to make the magic ring. Little did I know that making a magic ring was one of the hardest stitches to do in amigurumi at the time, nevertheless I decided to give it my all. My sister in law tried to show me how she crocheted a magic ring, but I couldn’t quite grasp it. I found some tutorials and I couldn’t quite get it then either, so I made my own way.

Once I had figured out how to crochet the magic ring, I was on my way to becoming successful with amigurumi, and making a lot of money too. My first project ever was a mini blueberry, it was something that I free-handed, and although I feel like it is going to crumble every time I pick it up in my hands, it is something that I hold dear to me. The next project that I made was a checkered white and gray bag. My second project ever, and I was already working with 2 strands of yarn. My third project ever (I’m assuming that my crochet blueberry was not enough to fulfill my plushie addiction) was a large strawberry cow (photo attached). The next project I did was a bucket hat to which I stuck on the cow. I got sick and tired of using acrylic/worsted yarn and moved onto bigger things that later changed my whole entire thought process about crocheting.

Once I got sick and tired of using acrylic/worsted weight yarn, I decided that I would try my best and learn to use plush yarn. At first I didn’t know what yarn I should use, so here came my trip to hobby lobby. I got a lot of different yarns from there and continued to crochet until I found one that I really liked. I remember the brand, which is yarn bee, but I don’t remember what the yarn was called. I became a crochet fanatic, attached to the one thing in this world that brought me peace. One year into my crochet journey, and things began to take a huge swing in my favor.

I attended my first market after a year of crocheting and immediately it was a hit. Everyone was so proud of me for doing what I had always wanted to do. It was a little small-town market located in a small-town movie theatre that was near my house. I sold multiple things including anime glass paintings, and also rubber band dragons, but one thing stood out. And that was my crochet table! Everything was instantly a hit, and I sold out except for 3 measly little things I had left over. I had 25+ items at that market! That opened my eyes and furthermore gave me a future for crocheting.

I made my YouTube channel a little bit before that market, and that was my way that I learned to reach out to the world and show my work. I got a lot of positive feedback, but it was slow at first. I didn’t really know how to publish videos that would be eye catching and worth watching, so they were boring for the most part. I was most definitely not a content creator, but as everything goes, that was something that I learned to ease into and become comfortable in.

Now, a little bit of a backstory before we continue on with the rest of my journey. When I began crocheting, I began in early 2021. At this point in time I was 11…and I was a scrappy fellow too. I was very socially awkward, and was in that early faze where I was trying to find my style and my crowd. As you can tell by my username, being “a clown that Crochets” is nonetheless something that I have felt comfortable with. You could say it is an inner personality…it’s a way for me to branch out and be my goofy inner self without having to worry about people knowing that it’s actually me (alison)…so do I consider myself in the actual terms of “A clown that Crochets” meaning an actual clown that sits down and Crochets…or just a catchy phrase. Honestly, it’s both. But seriously…crochet has done a lot more for me then just allowing me to do my passion and become a plushie making machine, but has also allowed me to gain so much confidence in myself!

Back to the story lol, after my first mini market, I was ready to conquer. I spent the next year crocheting and improving my skills to where they hadn’t been before, which was a huge confidence booster. I began going to more markets as of this year, and have made lots of money off of it. The first market that I went to I made $800 of profit, which is hugeee money for a 14 year old. That same market I was put on the news. The next market I made a little bit less at, but was personally invited to put my plushies in someone’s shop for a consignment deal.

Now I want to touch on a subject that is a little bit more dear to me. Motocross (aka dirtbike racing). This was another thing that I found huge amounts of confidence in. A girl with short hair going on a dirt track on a dirt bike, completely conquering? Heck yes! Sign me up! I was always part of a racing family, but never really got into it. I originally lived in Michigan near Lansing but since then moved to where I currently am now. We had around 11 dirtbikes, but I was very young then. We left Michigan when I was 7, and we sold all of our dirtbikes except my dads as well. My dad raced, although his racing career was cut short when he had an abrupt injury that ended it, and permanently made him nervous to go on a track again…or so we thought. Like I said, I never was really into racing, but I was very into the aspect of it. Crowd roaring on a hot, sunny summer day, as dirtbikes fly through the air with a buzz. It was exhilarating to watch, yet again I never thought that I would get into it. After a couple years of living near a large city, with nowhere to ride, we moved to a more country-ish area. I have been doing motocross/training for motocross for over a year now, and the money that I don’t spend on yarn, I spend on new equipment for motocross. Not only am I crochet finatic, but I am also a cool dirt bike racing girl (with short hair) as well :sunglasses:

Seriously though….I hope you all enjoyed a little insight on my journey….because this took foreverrr to type lol :joy: (some photos are attached :point_down:t2: of the strawberry cow, which was at the start of my journey, a perry the platipus plushie which is my own pattern I created releasing soon! And a candy corn triceratops :>)


And you’re not a genius :thinking::thinking:


Perry looks like a niffler from Harry Potter!! He’s so adorable :heart:


Umm I don’t really know. I’m proud of myself for getting a high score on my map testing (mandatory testing for the area in which I live in) and also for advancing more in crocheting!!


This one time I had a belt test and I was one of the four black belts there, with a bunch of younger yellow- red belts. We break boards during belt tests, and I did skipping sidekick but I was able to break 6 boards with the holder holding it with one hand (which was the most he could hold in one hand and one hand is harder than two lol) on my first try! It might not seem like the hardest thing ever but I was proud of myself :sweat_smile:


No, Im not a genius.


Uh i ate a chicken nugget


Good job chub that’s a major accomplishment!!


That’s fabulous sweetie!


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You found a way to soothe yourself. Amazing!
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Tysm cozy bean :skull:


i truly did & feels refreshing for me! :face_holding_back_tears:


:open_mouth: STOP…I could make the pattern into a niffler, I absolutely love them…NEW PATTERN IDEA!


Same <3