Question of the day! 🥳

Hello! My name is Willow and I’m new to Ribblr, and thought I could do a post! So here it is. The question of the day is: What are your new year resolutions? My new year’s resolutions are to make more plushies, sell my patterns, and start an etsy shop! Hope you guys have an amazing new year!


hey, just so you know, we already have a QOTD, so if you would contact the original person who does this (@anon12722758) and either find something else daily or just not post one tomorrow, that’d be great! and if this came across as rude, sorry :,)


Hello! I hope you enjoy it here, something I do for newcomers when I can :smile: if you ever need help never hesitate to ask in the community, if you need immediate answers feel free to use the help center, search in the community, or the wiki [link below] and community guidelines if needed :smile: my resolution is to finally knit a sweater I’ve been putting on hold for a while. Happy crafting! Hope to see your crafts soon as well :smile:

Also if you want to do questions of the day you’re more than welcome to, it’s not “owned” and while another user does do questions of the day they’re not your questions so feel free to post them you don’t need permission to do so, just make sure to use the correct tags daily :smile:


I feel like everyone is asking, but I want to be a better person this next year and uplift others rather than bringing them down. I’m not perfect so I will still have my days-


I have a crochet sweater project I d like to finish for sure

Feel free to post any questions you like​:heart:.


Yes! I love that!

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