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So, when you are testing and crocheting, I always assumed that for keeping a “journal” the pattern designers meant to keep a personal journal. Am I wrong by this? Or do they mean to leave a review with a photo?


Ya, there is a online journal and you can upload photos and draw on there


But my question is, is that journal your “personal” journal, or is that another journal?


I think what they mean by personal journey is like one you right in, or one other don’t see, unlike the journal on this app


Sometimes I think they intentionally make things wrong on the pattern they send us to see if we catch the mistake. Yes I keep a journal on what their pattern is versus what I actually do to correct the pattern. I do send them feedback on suggestions to correct. I do believe that’s what they want us for. We are there tweakers


When designers mention they want a journal they are referring to the journal on Ribblr, it must be public so the designer can see it and it won’t be available for public viewing until the testing phase is over. Some designers prefer progress photos some are also just fine with a final photo it really depends and should be asked for clarification which they want/fine with if they didn’t specify.

It’s important to remember journals will be public once the designer publishes the pattern and they are meant to act as a review of it, so make sure to never type out any specific parts of the pattern or share a screenshot of the pattern in the journal photos.

Any suggestions/confusing/questions/etc should only be in the tester group message and if for some reason they didn’t create one create a message with the designer to share it as those looking to getting the pattern might look at the journals and if they see anything you pointing out/confusion they might not get the pattern which isn’t fair since that was during the testing phase and not a reflection of the final pattern if that makes sense

Many designers request that testers use the journal since it proves that’s it’s a readable and trustworthy pattern, only journals on Ribblr will be shown in the pattern

I hope I answered your question, feel free to ask anything else you’re confused on/clarification for anything I mentioned :smile:


I have no questions, you answered it very thoroughly lol, so when I do a journal, I won’t need to submit it or anything like that? And is it already public when I create it and I don’t have to switch it from private to public?


As long as it says public (On the left in the white circle) and after you finish uploading a photo, if there’s one, and writing whatever notes you have for yourself/how it’s going, if any click the Save to upload it (on the right, circled in red) then it’s good and automatically submitted! If the Public isn’t switched on, only you would be able to see it, not even the designer so make sure it says public if you put it on once it should stay like that for all your journals

What I circled in blue is part of the review thumbs up :+1: is yes/good and the thumbs down :-1: is no/bad, to the question on the left of it, I usually leave that at the end after I finish the pattern but make sure to answer them :smile:

Here’s a screenshot so it’s easier to explain what I say lol

The last photo/note is the final photo/note but any photos/notes before are all part of the same journal and are together, to reach 100% on the top bar make sure to click the mark/unmark at the end of the pattern once completed as sometimes there’s a section you might not have clicked for completion :smile:


Perfect! Thank you so much for clarifying lol! I have been testing patterns, and have done them exactly as you had described, but one time someone said that they weren’t able to access/see my journal that I left, so I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything in the forms of submitting the journal/making sure it is viewable to the pattern designer :>


No worries! There was a recent update so the way to view a journal during testing has changed, chances are they weren’t familiar of how I believe the designer has to view their pattern and the makes from it or something like that as I’m not a designer I can’t see what they see so it might be a bit different :smile:

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Lol gotcha, Yeah I assumed that too after I found out that I was doing everything correct lol :rofl: one more question that may seem silly lol, but I see that you are a leader, are there ways for people to work up to becoming a leader on ribblr with lots of time on it? And how do you work towards that if so? I’ve seen some people have it lol, and I’m assuming that it is something that takes a lot of time in order to get. So if it is possible to get it, I think it would be something fun to work towards in the long run


No worries not a silly question! Just being active/participating and being a good positive example for others is how you might be considered to become one, you can only become one when leaders are needed, here’s a screenshot of the leader info for the community level along with the link for the wiki for all levels and everything for Ribblr :smile:

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Awesome! I’ll check it out :>


I see it as a review, when you do the journal and they post their pattern at the bottom your pic and comment is left there as a review