Ribblr 2022 Lookback 🎊

2022 is nearly over and what an amazing year it has been!

We’re so proud of our ever growing community, and even more proud to see how inclusive and positive you all are. Thank you for being part of the Ribblr family :purple_heart:

2022 Lookback

We’ve prepared a special 2022 Lookback post for you :star_struck:
Grab your favorite drink, sit back and scroll through.

New Year resolutions!

This year we released 100+ new features, and as our platform continues to grow rapidly, we’re going to have a new feature drop every month in 2023, based on suggestions you share with us here on the community :partying_face:

What are your New Year resolutions?


Ooo I’m exited to see what new features will be added next year! As for my new years resolution it’s to learn more crochet stitches/techniques! :partying_face::tada::partying_face::tada:


Awesome resolution! excited to see more makes from you in 2023 :star_struck:


What a beautiful space @Ribblr is!

When I joined 2+ years ago, my hope was for a community of kindness and generosity with those who love the crafts as much as I do. But without the snarky issues of current events and other outside influences. I just want to play with yarn with others who want to play with yarn. :blush:

I’m pretty sure I got my wish!!! Everyone I’ve encountered has had the utmost respect & kindness for fellow members. It makes my heart full.


Yes, isn’t that wonderful! @TexasPurl


My New Year’s resolution is to go swimming everyday.


@TexasPurl awesome! Thank you so much for sharing and helping us make it a great place :blush:

@anoswaldoddity We like that! Does that include winter? :cold_face:


Yes, indoor pool Yah baby!


This is so cute! I want to start making more projects per month in 2023!


My New Year’s resolution is to get more into crocheting and knitting again and get more projects made! The last few years I haven’t crocheted much and haven’t knitted at all because of working from home and raising kids so this year I’d like to have more projects get done. One big project I want to finish is a knitting project I was given that was the project my grandmother was knitting when she passed away. She had it partially done and I was asked to finish it since I’m the only one in the family who can knit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


I am sorry for your loss. It’s interesting that you are the only person in your family that can knit, though.


Thank you very much Ribblr, I havent been on this site very long but ive loved and enjoyed it!
I Love You Hearts GIF


This is so exciting to me. Yay. :tada:

The past year for me was filled with testing patterns.
Next year I plan on finishing up on designs I’ve started. The way my head works, I will probably start new ones instead … but that works too. :wink: So many ideas. So excited. So grateful you are here for us and listen to our ideas. Thank you. :hugs:

Editing to add I want to start making the free patterns I’ve gotten over the year. Looking forward to that. Not sure I can do one a day, but will see at the end of 2023.


In 2022, I learned some crochet basics. My vision for 2023 is to become a knitter as well. I got a set of needles and a subscription for course in knitting basics under the tree. I appreciate the Ribblr community very much.


Well after reading all that, my new goal is to have a pattern sell 8k copies
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My 2023 resolution is to buy nothing new craft wise and find time to try what I’ve already got

Thank you Ribblr and everyone on the site for making it such a special place to be xx


@Mentaldee sounds like a great plan! :heart_eyes:


My new year’s resolution is to do more on the internet with my crafts. I’ve found that I’ve developed a newfound confidence in myself both here and on other social media platforms. I hope that by being more involved I can work with new talented pattern creators and bring joy through the craft as well!

I’ve gotten so many pictures of my creations with their new people (and dogs!!!) and it’s made my heart very happy. <3


Definitely have to use up what yarn I have before I buy any new yarn. I have more patterns that I can ever complete in ten lifetimes as well. Working full time my job rudely interferes with my knitting and crocheting time. Have to wait about 6 years to be eligible to retire though.


For 2023 I would love to be able to do home repairs this year and possibly clean and organize as well. Especially my office of crafts. Maybe finish all WIPs.