Ribblr Newbie: advice for posting projects

Hey there, I’m very new to Ribblr and just wanted to ask how to go about things here and being active?

I’m not very active when it comes to social media but I’d like to change that here. I want to post some finished projects I’ve made/I’m working on but I would like to know the dos and don’ts of posts such as crediting (especially crediting artists of patterns that weren’t found on ribblr) and pictures


Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here, if you haven’t already feel free to poke around the help center, (you can just click help center here for that for easier access :smile:) and just look around that or if you’re curious about a specific thing feel free to use the search feature in the help center or community in case someone already asked that question, also if you haven’t already feel free to look through this for a lot of good info

For the most part just posting the photo with the link to whatever you used to make it is good, like if you used YouTube you link the YouTube video, if you used a blog you link the blog, however sharing any parts of a pattern is not allowed like a screenshot from a pattern or writing it out if it’s not yours

Naturally if whatever your posting is 18+ (look at the community guidelines to see what is considered 18+) use the tag nsfw automatically that is applied to be muted by those that don’t have that off, as for photos using your own and not claiming another photo as your work is fine but that’s just common sense :smile:

Feel free to ask any questions in the community as well, or if my explanation is a little confusing let me know and I can clarify anything, or if you’re curious about other things feel free to ask :smile:


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! C:
I’ll definitely work on posting some finished projects soon :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I can’t wait to see them! :smile:


Such an awesome post, all to help a fellow Ribblr! You rock :clap: