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Say hello to Sue (@suettle) - our new Ribblr of the Week and the designer behind [Suettle]

Tell us a little about yourself
Hello fellow Ribblrs! My name is Sue and I’m 47. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wonderful wife, daughter, and cat. I work in healthcare and spend my free time crafting, playing with our cat, traveling, walking in the beautiful local parks, visiting with friends and family, reading, gaming, and gardening.

When did you start crafting and how?
I’ve loved crafting ever since I can remember. I was around 7 years old the first time I saw my Mom crochet. Watching her transform yarn into little pumpkins for a Halloween party was magical! Her mom, my Grammy, taught me the basics of crochet the next time we visited. My other Grandmother taught me knitting basics a year later and I continued learning from library books and craft store leaflets. Though I’ve explored many other media, crochet and knit are my lifelong favorites.

And how did you start designing?
Growing up in the 80s-90s, we didn’t have access to the wealth of patterns and instruction available online today, plus my family moved around frequently due to my Dad’s job, so I’ve been designing from the beginning! I have two younger sisters and my earliest designs were making accessories for our toys. I started with crocheting pink leg warmers for a stuffed giraffe and graduated to ruffled blankets and pillows for dolls, tube dresses for Barbies, and increasingly complex projects. I crocheted and knitted many custom projects for myself and family over the years. Around 2010 I shared a couple of my patterns online. Unfortunately the community on that other platform wasn’t very welcoming and I grew discouraged.

I never stopped designing, though, and later started selling my crocheted cat toys locally at an amazing eco-friendly shop, Rewash Refillery. After receiving a few inquiries about patterns for my original designs, I looked online for software to make pattern writing easier. That fateful search led me to Ribblr and with the support of this amazing community I started publishing my designs.

Do you have a favorite craft type and if so - why?
Crochet is my favorite craft because it’s so simple, yet elegant and adaptable. I think of crochet as mathematical sculpting in yarn.

What has been the most memorable project you worked on?
I can’t pick one, two are at the top of my list! The most memorable public project I’ve worked on was in 2019 for the 25 Million Stitches art installation created to raise awareness of the estimated 25 million displaced persons around the world. I used surface crochet and upcycled yarn to “embroider” my two panels. (Made from https://www.25millionstitches.com/)

My most memorable personal project was refurbishing a Christmas stocking in 2022. Originally stitched by my Grammy from a classic Bucilla felt kit for my child’s first Christmas in 1999, it was falling apart and needed a lot of TLC. Even more importantly, it needed a name update after my child let us know the gender assigned at birth wasn’t correct. As I repaired seams, sewed sequins, and carefully embroidered my transgender daughter’s newly chosen name in gold embroidery floss, I reflected on the gifts we give and receive in life. I realized that whether it’s a handmade stocking or the name you chose for your baby, a gift given with selfless intent always has value, even if it changes later.

What are you currently working on? Be honest - how many WIP do you have right now?
I always have several original designs in various stages of active development and a personal project or two. A little carrot just finished testing and will be free to followers all week. In response to a Ribblr poll a special gift for followers is in testing, the Avocaduo!

Easter eggs and a tote bag pattern are in development, I’m writing up and photographing my contribution to an amigurumi foods collection that several Ribblrs are collaborating on, and finally a lovely knit lace shawl, the Trifoglio by Heather Zoppetti, which I started around September 2022 thinking it would be done in a month and am at long last close to finishing! Sooo 6 total, 2 actively on hook/needles (unless you want to also count a knitted lace camisole hibernating for over a decade & destined for frogging. I love gorgeous knitted lace but knitting it is my Achilles heel).

Which of your makes/designs are you most proud of?
I am so proud of this pink bat I designed and made last year at the request of one of my sisters. It’s the most complex stuffie I’ve ever made! I included special touches like a crocheted hearts inside and out, two types of filler (weighted and squishy), and so much special shaping and detailing. Plus, true to my roots, I added a whole wardrobe of seasonal accessories!

What is your usual process of designing?
My design process starts with choosing a theme or subject - I always have so many more ideas than time! I think about, chart, and sketch the essential elements, starting to visualize how to sculpt it in yarn. Then it’s time to start stitching, taking detailed notes as I go because history has taught me I will NOT remember later! :rofl:I’ve learned and developed many nicer techniques in my decades of crocheting and I incorporate them in my designs to make each one special.

What inspires you to create/design?
Creating is an intrinsic part of who I am; I’ve always loved bringing my visions to life. Seeing others enjoying my makes and designs gives me a thrill every time! The support of other Ribblrs inspires me to keep publishing new patterns. I’m influenced by the natural world and holiday celebrations, and anything that makes me happy. Turning inspiration into something that can be shared with others is one of the most rewarding feelings.


Any favorite song, book or movie you would like to recommend?
I adore Spinning Silver and The Scholomance trilogy by Naomi Novik. Check out the audiobooks, they’re the perfect accompaniment for a cozy evening of crocheting.

What is your favorite feature on Ribblr?
I do love many features like testing management and chat, but what I appreciate most about Ribblr is how the platform nurtures connections. Ribblr connects crafters worldwide, designers with makers, makers with buyers, crafters with materials, and more! I can tell the development team truly cares about creating an online space that is inclusive, kind, useful, and sustainable.

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Thanks so much for being here this week Sue, it’s a pleasure reading about you!

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Congrats @suettle, you deserve this so much!


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Thank you all SOOO much! It’s such an honor to be a ROTW. I’ll keep working hard to make Ribblr a fun place to be, it’s my favorite online hangout. :blush:


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Thanks, they’ll be ready next month and free to followers in March!