Ribblr of the week: Say hello to Nadia! 🏅 (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

Introducing our new Ribblr of the week: say hello to Nadia (@TheMouleHole) of The Moule Hole!

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Hi Nadia! Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Nadia Moule and I am a Canadian living in England. I have a degree in music theory and composition and play piano and violin.

That’s amazing! Any favorite song or composition you’d like to recommend?
Vivaldi’s Spring, recomposed by Max Richter. It is beyond beautiful.

When did you start crafting and how?
I learned to crochet as a child and have always been very creative. There is always some kind of crafty project happening in my house. I re-learned how to crochet when I moved to England as I did not know anyone and my husband was away a lot.

So is Crochet your favorite type of craft?
Yes. I love how versatile it is and how quick you can make something when you get the hang of it.

What was the longest project you worked on?
I am still working on it! I started almost a year ago and it is not even half-way finished. It is a crochet dress using thread.

And the shortest one? (excluding frogging!)
I made a baby hat the other day and it is so cute (and quick).

And what are you working on now?
At the moment I am just finishing a little crochet vest. I have never made a vest before and it has been so fun to design.

You have many wonderful designs - which one of them are you most proud of?
I have to say my Magdalena Jacket. It was my first pattern and is by far my most popular one. I think people are drawn to it as it is so easy to make and looks so beautiful when it is finished!

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Can you share a funny story that happened to your recently?
I walked in on my 3 year old son about to drink maple syrup from the bottle (which I had left on the counter, big mistake!). It makes me burst out laughing every time I think about it.

Which Ribblr feature is your favorite?
My favorite feature is the automatic pattern translation!

Pay it forward - your shoutout to a fellow Ribblr
Hannah @HanjanCrochet from HanJanCrochet! Not only is she such a talented crochet designer, she is a wonderful person.

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Thanks for sharing! I definitely love the Magdalena Jacket. It’s such a cool and fashionable design!

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That’s amazing! I love learning about everyone here, and I would love to hear you play!! :blush: (As a fellow musician+crafter)


This is amazing! It is so nice to get to know the makers I admire! Thank you for sharing!


Hey @lir !
What instrument(s) do you play? I play the piano and the flute!

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I love your story Nadia!
I’m Canadian too :blush:

Hi @NoKittenAroundStudio ! I also play the piano, and some flutes! :musical_note:
I studied piano as a kid, and then took on guitar as well, but I would say that my passion for instruments is bigger than that… I love picking up new and exciting instruments and learn how to play them, especially ethnic and ancient instruments!
As of now, I play piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo, kalimba, ocarina flute, dizi flute, guzheng, irish whistle… I hope to discover and get my hands on even more instruments in the future! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow that’s so amazing! You’re very musical :blush: I hope to learn how to play the harp someday! :purple_heart: