Safety Eyes

I have a love hate relationship with them. Ive been getting them on amazon but some are absolutely absurd to try and attach. So what safety eyes do you use? Or conversely, what eye embroidery techniques do you use?


I just use some cheap ones

Like with these backs, so you just push the eye through and then attach the back thing

I’m not sure how sturdy they are, in case you’d like to sell plushies made with them/give to kids or something (I just have my amigurumi on display) but if I try pull with reasonable force, they still stay

I bought them through but idk how international that is, but they’re similar to ones I’ve bought of amazon before (though I just prefer the other site)


I’m in the boat with you. I HATE, DETEST, ABHOR having to put the backings on. They’re so hard to do I literally hurt my fingers. I’ve even gotten pliers out to try and attach the backs on and still have issues. The ones I’ve used have all come from kits, so I haven’t actually bought any yet. But like you, I’m hoping someone can give some advice.


I understand what you mean, I have a few long fingernails (the others accidentally got cracked so they’re short now lol) but when I try putting them on I have to have my hands in a weird position lol, I’ve used felt but I don’t think I have the right adhesive for the yarn? I’m not sure if there’s a correct one, I’ve always wanted to try buttons or beads though. I got mine on Amazon as well with different sizes safety eyes (and backings) I noticed if I pick the wrong backing it doesn’t work, was yours from kits as well? If so it might be because it’s the wrong backing I didn’t realize this and hurt my fingers :joy: it wasn’t until I picked the right one and it snapped on the easy that I realized I had made a mistake lol


My daughter swears by cutting out eyes from small sheets of felt and sewing them on, this is from her shop

(she requested I crop the item further to just the eye, this is from a 7 inch plush)


Idk if it’s helpful, but I usually just use my thumbs to put the backings in, like one thumb on each side of the backing and then press down with like the flat part of thumb

Does it kinda makes sense with how I describe it? I could add a picture tomorrow

Then it’s no breaking nails and such :purple_heart:


Oh, wait! Can’t you use the grommet pliers for those? They work for snaps, eyelets, and rivets mine has a half dozen attachments


For the eyes on small amigurumi I like to embroidery them.
I use safety eyes as well
I have some from Amazon which are alright (You can definitely take them off if you try. So I wouldn’t use them for children.) it comes with many sizes but only comes with three backing sizes so for some of the eye sizes they work better then others but some just don’t fit as well as I would have liked.

But my preferred place to buy safety eyes is Glass eyes online they are truly superior. the backings stay on really well (You just gotta make sure you place them right or else it can be really hard to get them off! :upside_down_face:)
And they came in many many different and unique colors!

(Still it is best to embroider the eyes if the toy is for a child.)

Hope this helps!


I have lots of safety eyes but I’m afraid to use them so I embroider or crochet the eyes instead :sweat_smile:


Not sure if you knew this is a thing but safety eye jigs. I’ve seen a few people make them saves hands. I still have to get hubby to make me one. I’m not a fan of some of the safety eyes myself.

Ali express has some neat safety eyes . I’ve grabbed mine from local stores here or on Amazon. But I’d love to get bigger sizes.

When I use felt eyes I’ve drawn out from a clip art photo on cardboard used packing tape to then hold it to black felt cut it out then glued on my amigurumi, I ordered once from someone and they didn’t look as nice as the ones I cut out so :woman_shrugging:t3: or I make them out of yarn the odd time.

For the cardboard I use the thin stuff from cereal boxes. You can find free clip art wink eyes on goggle and either print them out or trace them. Lol I realize this sounds like a lot of work but I truly love crafting. It’s like meditation to me :grin:


Ohh so this is what those eye jigs are for. I keep seeing these little card things for helping get safety eyes on. I’m new to safety eyes, I used to just sew yarn eyes and I didn’t go all in on buying a big set I just got a 3$ bag from hobby lobby but they’re so easy to put on I couldn’t figure out the point of the jigs. I’ve been considering putting felt in my cameo to try that instead.

Good to know I might wanna get one if I buy one of those big eye sets. :+1: Thanks for the heads up!


I also get my safety eyes from Amazon. But I have found some brands are easier then others. I usually go up a step from the cheapest, so maybe if the cheapest is $8, I’ll get the $10. I really think it does make a difference. But I agree with some of the comments, if I know its going to a kid I’ll either crochet a small circle to sew on or sew on buttons.


@DovetailCrochet yes if you know someone who woodworks they are an easy make.
A 2x4 would work you’d just need the size of the safety eye back. And the right size of circular saw to make the hole. Stain it or not doesn’t need to be fancy right.
I used to make bows out of grosgrain ribbon and made myself templates out of cardboard all the time ya extra work but does the trick.


@sarahmakinthangs i recently seen something about using cross stitch fabric in a small square say 2x4 in put on the back of the safety eye to keep them more solid.
I haven’t tried it myself but I bet felt would work too.
Once you’ve cut the square out just cut a small X in the middle for the post to go through and pop on back.


Girl, getting ANYONE to share how to embroider facial features is like looking for a needle in a haystack!!! :triumph:
I’ve even asked a few designers and authors to share-NADA

I reached out to an amigurumi blog for best source of eyes. I’ve bought from there several times and I’m very pleased, They are on Etsy SnacksiesHandicraft. Very good prices in my opinion. They carry these kind of washers-which work very well.

Also, with the crappy washers I melt the end of the eye, press it flat into a circle, I’ll share a picture later-I’m not at home right now.

Glass eyes is a great company with some cool eyes!

On Amazon I found this brand to be of better quality ARTCXC. I tried some others and they were so flimsy!


is this another lost craft?
once upon a time, it was the common way to embroider your dolls and stuffed animals after they were finished because that’s what gives the face some shape…think cabbage patch dolls (which I made SO. MANY. OF. with my grandmother for all my younger cousins)
if I find a good article, I’ll post the link, if not I’ll just write the instructions as a free pattern and post that.


Yes please!


I’m so glad I’m not the only one struggling with all of this LOL

I will attempt some felt if I can get my hands on some soon, that seems like the best bet for baby products. I mostly do safety eyes for child (think gradeschooler)/teen/adult projects. I’ve avoided baby lovey’s for the reason that I just can’t find a great way to make eyes. But felt and sewing would probably work!

But yes, if you find an article on that PLEASE share. It would be cool to try out as well!


Not the one I thought I had saved on Pinterest but here’s a link
It’s also recommended to use embroidery floss to say stitch on eyes or eyebrows.
I’ve used worsted myself.


If you’ve ever used and embroidery machine you do the same thing but by hand. I’m in the car right now so I can’t get photos or anything atm. If you wanna make lips you put a yarn across for how wide you want it then wrap yarn around it. Maybe I’ll make a free pattern about it later I see no reason not to share. :two_hearts:

Edit if you want the small details take worsted yarn and split it so you used 2 strands of it instade of all 4