Say hello to Flash Thursday: February 22' FEATURE DROP is here! 🤩

Our new feature drop is here! :scream:

As always, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you new features and improvements that you have asked for.

Don’t forget to download the free Ribblr app on your iOS and Android devices.

Before we reveal all the new good stuff, we’d like to thank our testers and you all for your feedback!

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What’s new? :fire:

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Flash Thursday (NEW!)

Say hello to our new weekly event, Flash Thursday.
Starting today, each week you’ll get a chance to claim AMAZING DEALS.
We’ll feature 10 different patterns at 50% OFF from 10 incredible designers!

The event lasts 24 hours and claims per deal are limited, so they might be sold out. But don’t worry - there’s a new event with new deals every single Thursday.

Designers - want to participate? Check out the Special events tab in your shop and opt-in.

Monthly awards

In case you didn’t know - we recently launched a new Monthly awards event, where you get to vote for your favorite pattern, shop and journal.

You can now find the winners right on your personalized homepage!

Shop Manager (for designers!)

Designers - this one’s for you.
Your shop manager is now much faster, and also includes an option to include or exclude your free orders.

Draft product page (NEW! for designers)

Designers - you now have access to a product (listing) page draft so you can easily see what it would look like before it’s published.
This also helps you see all reviews and journals of testers before releasing the pattern to make sure everything looks tip top for the exciting release! :raised_hands:

Craft journals (NEW!)

You can now find journals of each craft type directly from each craft page.

Youtube links (for designers!)

Designers - Youtube links you paste into Ribbuild will now automatically display as interactive YouTube videos.

Please note - if a media is already attached to that line we won’t override it.

Android & iOS app improvements

Lots of new improvements in our free iOS and Android apps!

That includes the ability to take photos & record videos on Android 11+, the ability to upload MOV from iOS & Android and a lot more.

General improvements

  • Flash sale banner now appears on relevant product pages

  • You’ll now be reminded to start a new journal when tracking the first line in a pattern

  • Spanish auto-translator improvements

  • Overall UX & UI design improvements

Previous feature drops

In case you missed it, here’s what we released on previous feature drops.

Thanks for your support! :purple_heart:

We’re always working hard to improve Ribblr.
We release fixes weekly and new features and improvements every couple of months based on your feedback. Feel free to suggest new features & improvements you’d like to see!


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