Sell your MAKES | June 2022 FEATURE DROP is here! 🔥

In the first half of 2022 we released nearly 20 new features & improvements including Flash Thursday, our new & improve safe testing tools and of course - $elFee!

And today, we’re super excited to announce our biggest feature drop yet!

Before we reveal all the new good stuff, we’d like to thank our testers and you all for your feedback & suggestions! More than half of the new features were suggested by you :raised_hands:

Don’t forget to download the free Ribblr app on your iOS and Android devices.

June 2022 - What’s new? :fire:

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Introducing: makes (NEW!)

Starting today you can sell your makes on Ribblr!

You can now find all your journals on your new “makes” tab. And you can sell each and every one of your makes! Click the ‘Sell’ button to get started.
You don’t need a designer account- any crafter on Ribblr can sell makes!

Makes are marked with a colored frame.
To help differentiate between patterns and makes, patterns now display a ‘buy pattern’ button, and makes display a ‘buy me’ button and with a clear explanation underneath both.

When a new order comes through you’ll be notified via email and you can manage your orders from your shop manager. (new for crafters accounts!)

This is just the first release of makes - plenty more improvements and features coming soon!

My Stuff (NEW!)

We’ve got new & improved menus!
Our menus are now dynamic and change based on your browsing. Click the new ‘my stuff’ icon to find your patterns, wishlist and makes. You can also always find direct access from the hamburger menu! (3 horizontal lines)

Royalties (NEW! for designers)

Did we mention we LOVE designers? :purple_heart:

On top of the variety of tools and the protection Ribblr provides you, we are delighted to introduce a GAME CHANGING, new income stream for designers.
We collect and pay out royalties for each make sold on Ribblr. So if someone acquires your pattern and then sells a make using your design, you’ll automatically get paid!

Instagram & TikTok videos (NEW!)

Ribblr ePattern now supports not just native video uploads and Youtube videos, but also Instagram and TikTok videos!
Designers - you can now link videos from Youtube, Instagram and TikTok when using Ribbuild.

Release your pattern in parts (NEW! for designers)

A great new tool for testing- you can now release your patterns to testers in parts.
Each header and sub-header now includes a checkbox. Tick the box to enable testers to view the instructions only up to that part.
Note: This feature only works for draft (unpublished) patterns and for CALs.

Find & replace, undo & redo (NEW! for designers)

Ribbuild becomes even more robust with a bunch of new tools.
Use the new find & replace tool to make quick changes to either a new or existing pattern. You can quickly correct a mistake across your entire pattern!
We also improved our recently introduce undo & redo buttons for quick & easy corrections.

Cakeday (NEW!)

Released earlier last month as part of our feature drop - we now celebrate your Ribblr anniversary and your birthday! Check this post for more details.

Add a line in the middle of your pattern (NEW! for designers)

Designers, you can now add a new line in the middle of the pattern. It’s super simple - just click the x2 icon and start typing. If you want to duplicate your existing line, just click the x2 and then click away to save the duplicated line.

Accessibility improvement

Ribblr now provides even more accessibility tools.
From dark mode and enlarging font size to reducing motion, left hand mode and line-spacing - you can feel comfortable and at ease when you use Ribblr on your chosen device.
Have an accessibility issue or feedback to share? Reach out to us!

More improvements & changes

  • Many UI & UX improvements across the platform

  • Pattern tests now have a dedicated tab in your library

  • You’ll now see the username instead of the first name of the person who sent you a gift

  • Tags in Ribbuild mode now work better and faster

  • Fixes for bugs we’d like to forget :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Please note - we’ve also updated our terms & conditions to include more information about selling makes.

Previous feature drops

In case you missed it, here’s what we released on previous feature drops.

As always, thanks for your support! :purple_heart:

We’re always working hard to improve Ribblr.
We release fixes weekly and new features and improvements every few weeks based on your feedback. Feel free to suggest new features & improvements you’d like to see!



I’m very excited about the new feature drop but I have a few questions that maybe more designer could have I think?

Is it possible to disable the option for people to sell stuff off my patterns? I prefer the exclusivity of me selling my own makes.

How do I sell my own makes? I can’t find anywhere where I could upload my own makes to be sold?

Thank you! :blush:


I love the new website look And how the prices just pop up

Looks great @ribblr


Up until now, crafters who sold makes outside of Ribblr (including online on other platforms & shops) would rarely provide real credit for designers, not to mention a payment. While it is legally okay, we don’t think that’s fair.

We’re working to create a healthy relationship between crafters and designers.
Makes are designed in a complete new way with each make linking back to your pattern providing you true and significant credit, and of course royalties! This means you’ll earn money when someone sells a make based on your design on Ribblr.

And it’s important to mention - all the above applies even if it’s a free pattern. So it’s a great way to both increase your exposure, and a new income stream for designers :moneybag:

On top of that, we’ll provide even further priority (visually indicated) in future feature drops for designers selling their own makes.

Feel free to watch the video here:


Everything is so exciting!

GOOD JOB Ribblr!!


Wow so many great features added! Awesome work @Ribblr ! :two_hearts::clap:


Thank you! Glad you love it :star_struck: @poppysmicks @anoswaldoddity @Kevan06


Question brought up in discussion with some friends on the update.
Do people buying a make have to have a ribblr account to purchase?
I am super excited about the update brings and the c̶h̶a̶o̶s̶ fun that this is gonna bring!


Great question! And the simple answer is no. You can buy makes without an account.
You only need a Ribblr account to sell/buy patterns or to sell makes.

(pro tip: you can also share your patterns wishlist and someone without a Ribblr account can buy you a pattern gift)


This is amazing news! Thank you to all the team that made this improvement :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your answers, although I’m not sure if the first question was truly understood, for now I don’t want any other makers to sell stuff out of my patters as I offer commissions myself so is it possible to disable the sell option from my patterns to others? Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There is no option to disable this. And because people can anyway sell your makes anywhere online, we believe the best way forward is create a solution that helps both designers and crafters have a fair relationship with full credit and payment. That’s why makes are designed to be linked to patterns and shops and why we’re introducing royalties.

More unique features to further help designers selling their own makes will be released later too!


Awesome job…thanks Ribblr :blush:


Thank you so much team RIBBLR for all your work!! Love the updates :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Is there anyway to sell makes that you have made from your own pattern? Or to sell makes that you have bought patterns from outside of Ribblr?


Congrats @Ribblr on this new feature drop!! :two_hearts: It’s amazing to see how many new things you are doing to improve on your website! I look forward to seeing new features you come up with and that others suggest. Thank you so much for the opportunity to test this new feature drop! I look forward to working with you in the future.
Have a wonderful day!!
:orange_heart: Nicole


I’ve a question? How will I know the shipping costs and how do I get the shipping label? On Etsy usually they tell you the shipping costs and you can buy a label through them.


When I Try to post my makes, it’s asks for shipping costs


I don’t nessacarily think that’s fair. If somebody doesn’t want people selling using their patterns, then that’s their decision. Ribblr claims that they want to be fair with everybody including designers. This isn’t proving it