Section for weaving?

I’m a weaver, but I also crochet and sew. Lots of weavers knit, sew, use knitters’ yarns, etc. So I’m just wondering if Ribblr will open a section for weaving, as well.

I’m currently only connected via Facebook, and I’m currently only saving my weaving projects on my personal app Evernote, but would love to be part of an online community that can actually get to know each other.

Thank you.


Hi Valarie and welcome to Ribblr! :purple_heart:

We love all crafts and want to support many types of crafts! We’re just starting out so focusing on Crochet, Knitting, and Sewing - and we’ve started supporting Tunisian Crochet recently too!
We’re hoping to add weaving and other types of crafts as we grow. Bear with us as we’re still a small team :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy Ribblr and once again welcome!