Shop Sale & Pattern GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone,

I just started using Ribblr few weeks ago (after open an account a year ago) and love this app and community! I have added some patterns and will add more soon.

To celebrate this milestone, there is a 20% pattern sale running in my shop to be ended this Sunday 31-Jul (UK time).

Also on Monday 1-Aug (UK time), there will be a PATTERN giveaway announced here:

  • The winner will be randomly pick up (via Random Name Picker app) from my shop followers.
  • The winner is able to choose a pattern (at their preference) from my shop

As a follower for my shop, you will be notified for future new patterns, test calls and giveaway announcement.

Have I mentioned, I am currently calling a test call for my up coming crochet top, feel free to stop by and drop a message if you want to participate:


Thank you!


Fun! That is a cute top.
If my work schedule wasn’t so random at the moment I would apply to test


Just a note, to follow my account, you need to go to my profile by clicking on ‘design by Jade’, then click on ‘follow’ button.

I can only see who is following my shop but not who has favored my shop. Something I just learned.

So if you would like to win the giveaway, please make sure to follow my shop​:heart:


Hi everyone,

Finally the winner for my ribblr free pattern giveaway has been drawn!!!

Please follow my Instagram account @redjkdesign and watch the video on my Instagram story on how the winner was pick up.

Now congratulation the winner is: MyCraftyPursuits


Please contact me to confirm your selected pattern.

Thank you everyone for your participation. There will be more new design, giveaway coming out soon!

Have a nice week ahead.


Thanks! I will send you a message :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! :confetti_ball::balloon::champagne::tada: