Social Media Friends


Feel free to tag me. I love seeing all the testers calls.


I agree i really think tagging and sharing a post on Instagram should be optional for applying to a test! Like if someone wants to tag someone they will.

Im really looking for more supportive friends on instagram because I feel its good to have! I mean whats better than having friends who do the same things as you (crochet etc) & they support your work as much as you do them. I love that!


Anyone, everyone feel free to tag me @sarahmakinthangs

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I avoid them too, especially when you have an endless list of tasks to do just to be allowed to apply to a test :laughing: I totally understand that it is for marketing, but when there is too much to do that has nothing to do with testing itself, it just feels like forcing to me.

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Why even ask? Sometimes I think the designer acts like he/she is doing you a favor if they select you.

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Maybe i am a little late. But i am also looking for tag buddies. my ig : ( crochet . gi . uk
feel free to tag me and i will tag you back !

Anyone who need tag friends I’m more than happy to be it for anyone!


I added you!! You are now my new friend!

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I added you.


my Instagram is @frogirl_crochet you can tag me
followed everyone here i found :smile: