🎁 SPECIAL BUNDLE GIVEAWAY 🧵 8-lesson by Burda Beginner!

Hi Ribblrs!

We’re excited to announce our Burda x Ribblr partnership :thread:
Burda have been at the forefront of Sewing for nearly a century, empowering millions of Sewists around the world.

The first issue of their Sewing magazines was published back in 1950, and now we are both excited to offer Burda Beginner, a series of 8-lessons, available in a Ribblr ePattern format with trackable steps and video tutorials.

Always wanted to Sew?

Burda Beginner is the perfect introduction to Sewing. All lessons are suited for complete beginners, and you’ll learn how to cut, sew and hem your new wardrobe pieces.

Burda was founded in 1949 by Aenne Burda, Burda Style is the leading DIY fashion magazine with over 70 years of history. Today, Burda Style is recognized worldwide for its expertise and quality in sewing projects.
Burda Style magazines offer new trendy European chic designs every month, tips & tricks, and much more, all printed on recycled or sustainably sourced paper. Why not join the Burda Style community and create your own homemade and customized wardrobe?

In the first Burda Beginner lesson you’ll learn how to make your very own Tied Bandeau Top which doesn’t even require a Sewing machine!

Want to win an 8-lesson bundle? :gift:

To celebrate this exciting new partnership, we are giving away the full 8-lesson bundle to 3 lucky winners

All you have to is comment below and tell us if you tried Sewing before, and if not why you’re excited to give it a go!


And the winners for this ultimate Burda Beginner 8-lesson bundle are… @Gabri3113 @saoirse @icedbucky

Your bundle should be waiting for you in your patterns library!

Thank you everyone so much for sharing why you’re excited to Sew. Burda have been kind enough to provide 2 of the 8 lessons completely for free!
One doesn’t even require a Sewing machine →

Also for free:


Well this is a pretty exciting collaboration. I’ve been sewing for decades, so I don’t need this, but I want to encourage anyone to take the leap. If for no other reason than the recycling/upcycling/money saving possibilities of knowing how to sew.


That’s awesome! We’d love to see some of your work :slight_smile:


My most recent projects were a pair of pants, a sports bra, and this little beauty (unfinished in photo)


I grew up sewing on my mama’s old Singer. Her family was filled with quilters. I made clothes for my barbie dolls. 13 years ago a daughter talked me into making a quilt for her son. Aww, so cute. I can do one, right? But … now she is on her 7th child and I am behind one quilt already. Ha. Gotta get back to it.

I also need to shorten a really cool dress and don’t want to lose the fabric at the bottom … But that’s another story / project.


I recently aquired a machine from the 1940s that I’m nearly finished restoring. Itll be my first foray into sewing but im super excited to try it out!


I haven’t sewn many large projects before but I think it’s always exciting to learn more skills in life!


The news of this collaboration is wonderful.I have some basic sewing knowledge. I’ve known Burda’s magazines since I was little, my aunt often used it to make many dresses. I have also bought Burda Style magazines many times and I’ve tried to sew the simplest clothes, but since I haven’t attended a sewing course, I still have several doubts and a lot to learn. :heart::thread:


Wow this is a cool deal. I started to sew in 4-h. When i was 15 yrs old on my moms old machine. I currently have two machines one was my aunts its a old hard cover machine which i need to get it serviced and a brother digital machine I need to get back into sewing… i honestly haven’t sewn since making my boys their rag quilts 5 yrs ago so this would be exciting and fun! Id love to make my own clothes again.


I’ve never tried making my own clothes before, this would be such an exciting thing to win.


I would love to try learning to see my own clothes! I love the idea as well if upcycling some of my outfits I no longer wear


Yes I’ve tired but never got the hang of it! I would love to try again :grin:


I’ve sewn a quilt but have never tried a piece of clothing because it seems intimidating!


What an amazing collaboration! I sew now and then and would love to become as confident in sewing as I am with crochet :slight_smile:


Congrats to @Ribblr on the partnership!!
I hand sew plushies, I started a bit over 10yrs ago, but I havent done much in a while.
Ever since I was little I had wanted to sew clothes (for my dolls) but I have never done a garment (even though I have a sewing machine!!!)


I’ve been sewing for a while and am excited to get into doing more professional looking clothes


I had sewn when i was younger, but always had help on those. I ended up sewing a gown for a ball i had attended, with my grandmother! I however am usually lost when sewing on my own and would love to learn more! I believe it is becoming a lost skill, and something that needs to be taught once again.


I remember using patterns from burda, to create my own clothes, when I was younger. I haven’t done it in a while, but I would like to start sewing again.


I’ve sewn before, but mostly cosplays! I would like to start making my own street clothes​:hugs: