Starting up

I am new to this platform. I am interested in how you all post your creations,sell and gain traction in the audience that are ideal buyers. Thank you all for any input.


Welcome! To sell patterns you have to create a shop. You should be able to do this from your profile but there’s also a help page if you need!


welcome to ribblr! im claire. to make a shop, you need to message @ribblr and ask them to open one for you!


Hello! Congrats on your first post! To open a shop if you didn’t pick designer click this link Ribblr help center | Can I sell my patterns on Ribblr? How can I open a shop? to help you, as for selling/gaining traction I would recommend being active in the community as there’s tons of new patterns everyday and they’ll be easy to miss if you don’t specificly search for it but if you’re active your shop may have more of a chance of being seen

This is something I do for new users if I can :smile: if you ever need help never hesitate to ask in the community, if you need immediate answers feel free to use the help center, search in the community, or the wiki [link below] and community guidelines if needed :smile: Happy crafting! Hope to see your crafts soon as well :smile: