What does the little grad cap next to some users name mean?


It denotes their community level as seen in this list: Community WIKI: the ultimate community guide! đź“–

Specifically, the grad cap is for members.
" - Member

You’ll be promoted to a Member level after you have visited and contributed more to the community.
By reaching a Member level you are granted additional abilities.
For example - you can create group personal messages, start your own personal space, and like up to 300 posts per day.
You will get a bronze badge when you reach a Member level as well as a special graduation hat avatar flair. This will show next to your avatar when you post!"


To add to @Karametra’s answer… Being member allows you to do several things in chat that you can’t as a basic user that MANY find useful, including adding links to posts and changing the title of your topic… So I screenshot this and share anytime someone is wondering why they can’t do something…

Looks like you need to read more topics to get your own grad cap :wink:


Thank you both @Karametra ! I knew there were badges, but wasn’t sure about these symbols. Thanks!