The Yarn Business

Yeah, it’s a little crazy. I knew they raised their transaction fee and I wasn’t too concerned about that because 6.5% is still similar to what a lot of online services/platforms charge for sales. However, I didn’t even realize that there’s also a 3% (+$0.25) processing fee for any orders accepted with a credit or debit card. Since the majority of customers are paying with their cards, that means the fee is really over 9.5% per order :frowning:

When your product only costs $4, that extra 25 cents included in the processing fee and the 20 cents that it costs to list an item adds up to be 11.25% of your sale price. So, when we’re selling digital patterns for around $4, we’re paying at least 20.75% of our sale price in fees.

Then if you use Etsy ads, or any other sort of Etsy subscriptions that needs to be taken into consideration…

I think Etsy was charging 2.5% per order and only accepting PayPal when I started my shop in 2011 lol


I still like using Etsy for my finished items.
Especially since they do my sales tax in all states, that way I only have to deal with local sales tax.


This was very helpful to read as someone who is just about to sell their first pattern. Maybe with the new chat feature we can create a room specifically for pattern sellers or perhaps ribblr can make a topic about it.