Update- Animal Bucket Hat Collection- May be Closing Form Soon APPLY NOW (on original post)

Continuing the discussion from :frog: Testers Needed Animal Bucket Hat Collection :frog::


Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the interest! I have received so many responses already, way more than I expected, and so quickly! I may have to close the testing call earlier than May 10th so that the number of responses doesn’t get too overwhelming. I will be capping out at 35 responses (I have 28 responses on the tester form so far!). I will be contacting all the testers on May 10th instead of May 14th. Thanks again for the interest <3


When I contact you at your preferred contact, please just respond with your Ribblr username and if you are still available to test. If you have any questions just contact me!


I will test for you. :grin::heart:


Hi I already have enough responses but I will let you know if I need more!