Using Things you already have:

For example: I use my Mechanical pencil lead case to put my shorter darning neeedles in. I use waste yarn for stuffing. I make little tags and put in stitch holders and much more.


I used to use safety pins and bobby pins for stitch markers
I use a pencil bag for my notions
I have, and occasionally still do, use my bed or the carpeted floor as blocking mats

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Consider this the “before” picture. :wink: It needs an upcycle.
Anyway, old glasses case with a magnet. Started with it for my car, but very handy by my chair also.


Wow now thats 007 stuff lol :laughing: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :smile:


I had a friend make me similar with an altoid tin… I forgot about it because it’s usually thrown into an on the go bag and left there until that project is finished, whch takes longer because I only work on it when riding passenger and sometimes I’ll take another more pressing project lol


Haha love your reaction to it!



Nice!! I’m trying to remember what I used before I got a needle holder from Furls… And I just can’t :woman_facepalming:t3:


I’ve got a few!

I’ve got a heavy ceramic plant pot that was hand made by my partners cousin, it became a yarn bowl becaue it’s to pretty! Heavy, doesn’t slide, and I clip a binder clip to the side of it to thread my yarn, it works great. The design on the inside of the sides almost look like crochet hooks and it was just meant to be.

I use an old makeup bag from dollar tree I bought years ago, that is galaxy print for my scrap yarn, pulled that out of an old basket and had to hand scrub it to make it useable again and it came out great with a nice clean smell too!

And I have a very old tiny tote bag that has Piglet and Pooh holding hands on it from when I was a child, I use that to hold my WIP tiny projects with my mini skeins.

I also use a plastic zipper bag that my old bed sheets came in for other small yarn storage. Keeps everything clean, dust free and I can see everything through the bag. (If it’s outta sight it’s outta mind for me lol)

I also have a skull decor that used to be in a fishtank years ago, it perfectly fits mini skeins through the eye holes so I can pull multiple colours through it,(one through each eye) without them tangling. It’s one of my favorite things I use for a yarn bowl even though it only holds my tiny little 10g skeins for colour work lol It brings me joy every time I use it.

I also have a jackolantern wine glass that I put 3 mini skeins in to make it look like ice cream scoops, it’s decor and storage! lol and as I use the colours it looks like the ice cream scoops are melting when I put them back if I don’t use it all at once lol


-pringles cans with a hole in the lid to hold small amounts of yarn or a long hole down the side for socks in progress
-bread bag clips (the square things) to wind the ends of yarn on
-beads strung onto elastic to make a bracelet… I use it rosary style to keep track of rows… just tight enough that a bead slid over will maintain its gap
-oh, and those old bracelets that are now hair ties that look like old phone cords (the coil type) I cut those into small sections to wrap around my double points to keep the sets together


Okay, all of these are great but, the beaded bracelet/rosary for a counter, that is freaking GENIUS!


I have used yarn tied into little circles for stitch markers, and the 2 qt bottles of soda use to have a removable black bottom on it. my mom took the black bottom piece off and cut the bottom off the bottle, then you could get the starting end of the skein of yarn put it through the top of the bottle and put the black bottom piece back on the bottle and your yarn didn’t get tangled. I still have it ;).


Ha. That reminded me of the huge toy I had like this. I used it for counting!


Oh Lord!


I have several pill bottles with needles in them.


I remember they had those in the waiting room in the doctor’s office! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh now that sure is tempting lol


I like to save pickle jars and keep various things in them. I used to have one with a bunch of googly eyes in it. Then one day I knocked it over and all the eyes spilled out. I never found most of them.


Must have been tiny googly eyes.


I cut a cardboard food box and decorated it with washi tape, glitter and sticker rhinestones and now it holds my Furls hook collection :sweat_smile: