what to paint??

hello! i have (picture below) these canvases on my wall. I painted them a while ago and… iykyk for some but I’m thinking about repainting them.
I know what I’m doing for the heads (Grian, Scar, and Mumbo, if you were curious.) but no idea for the wedges!
i wanna stick with the minecraft/Hermitcraft theme, but i may well do other things, such as The Magnus Archives, or something similar.
Let me know if you have amy ideas! i’d be glad to hear them.


I’d say the botem pole but i have no idea how you could do that?? Maybe like something to do with the various HCBBS’s they’ve done?


you could’ve done all the different nether biomes? or maybe recreated some of the thumbnails for the series? (hermitcraft, last life, empires)


Oo that’s cool! Perhaps paint some of the most iconic hermit craft/other smp moments in the triangles. That’d be cool :smiley: