Who's better, Sonic or Mario?

Who is better, Sonic or Mario? For me it’s Mario, since I’m a huge Nintendo fan

  • Mario
  • Sonic
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I have given them way too much money at this point. :sweat:


I haven’t played any sonic game so I had to go Mario lol :laughing: I also added this to the Personal spaces :bust_in_silhouette: World of Wipcraft space since I think it fits perfectly there :smile:

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Oh cool!

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I play a lot more mario games than sonic. I’m the 2nd oldest grandkid and I try to be as close to my cousins as I can, I play a lot of games with my younger cousin. We play a lot of mario games, he loves nintendo. He has a bunch of old nintendo systems, like an old game boy, and a bunch of other things. He just tends to enjoy them, and I enjoy spending time with him. We’re pretty close, its fun playing mario games with him. :blush::two_hearts:

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