Why did you start crocheting?

I’m a little late to this “game” (as they say)…
I learned as a child, but I couldn’t tell you what age or which grandma taught me… I remember doing various crafts with (maternal) Grandma, but not specifically crochet, before I was 10; I also remember specifically making crochet edgings on socks with my (paternal grandma) Mammaw around 12yrs… So it could have been either one)
Besides the socks and occasional scarves (which were always single crochet in the back loop only, because Grandma always made ripple blankets in sc in BLO), I didn’t do much until 2011… My son was about 18 months, I needed an activity, and wanted to make him things… So I scoured books and such to learn more than my limited base… In 2012, I wanted to learn knitting, but my own disappointment in my first project (that wasn’t really a project) had me setting it down… In 2013 I designed my first crochet pattern, and have designed a few more since then… Then I decided to tackle knitting again, this time using YouTube… It stuck!
I have a shawl idea in my head (been there since 2015) that will use both knit and crochet to honor Mammaw who did both, and another crochet shawl idea in my head (since 2017) for Grandma… But there are idea pieces missing, and techniques to master to finish either of them :woman_shrugging:t3: