Would anybody be interested in joining either a Wicked GC, or a wicked personal spaces?

So, i knkw that crocheters, knitters, sewers, tunisian crocheters and many other artists come with different styles and opinions and prefrences. Well im a crocheter who loves broadway and wicked and hamilton and frozen and lion king and matilda. So, would yall be interested in joining one? Also, @ribblr @leaders how to create a personal spaces?

  • Yes i would like to join
  • No i would not like to join
  • I would like to create it with you
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Alsp, that is where the rest of my fan fiction: After Oz will be. If you read it. And i will title it: Broadway Obsessers.


Hope you’re not offended that I wouldn’t want to join :sweat::sweat:


Open and run your own personal space!.

How to open your own personal space

If you are eligible simply send us a message and provide the following information:

  • A name and description for your space
  • What is the purpose of your space?
    (would the discussions be related to anything specific?)
  • Will your space be private or public?
    (if private, would other Ribblrs be able to make a request to join?)

we are literally the same person!! i would absolutely love to be in it/start it with you (:


I would love to join! Also yeah a broadway personal space is a great idea!

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I wouldn’t mind joining cuz I love musicals due to the soundtracks but I haven’t actually watch one. :sweat_smile: Would be ok if I joined even if I haven’t watched one?

Yes! Thats perfectly fine.

Ok. May I join then?