Wings Of Fire FANS

Hey! I am looking for anyWings of Fire fans! I have created a group chat for it, but so far I only have 2 others. I know that this is exactly like one that has been posted before in world of wipcraft, but I thought I would try it here. If the person that posted that would like to merge geoups I would love that! If you have read Wings of Fire then tag anyone else you think has read it and put a :dragon_face: down below if you want to be added! Thanks
(P.S. @mangotheaxolotl and @BubblzCrochet are in the group right now!)


I’ve read a few of the books only because my sister is obsessed with it. It is interesting. I actually like that it’s about dragons.

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:dragon_face: sure


I read wof a while ago, so I don’t really remember it much but I think I liked it.

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no idea who would like to join.
i have read all the comics, 14 of the books(series almost done. 1 more book to go) and now listening to the audio books
i lovveee wings of fire

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I just finished book 13

i need book 15

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