A NEW UPDATE! (Ribblr 1.05) 🤩

Hi Ribblrs, we’re really excited to release a new major update today!

It’s only been 4 weeks since our launch but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you lots of new features and improvements! Scroll down to find out what’s new👇

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What’s new in Ribblr 1.05?

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As we’ve updated you here, we’ve added clarifications to section 7 in our Terms and Conditions on the 13th of October.

Update available on all devices! Download our app on iOS and Android for your mobile devices!

Advance search (NEW!)

Our search just got smarter. You can now search for a term, tag, pattern name, shop name, or even yarn type on all devices and filter your search using the new set of filters. You can also use the ‘sort by’ in conjunction with the filters.

Tunisian Crochet (NEW!)

Tunisian crochet just got upgraded with its very own category and interactive charts support!
Designers - you can now use our interactive charts builder to add Tunisian Crochet charts.

Gift patterns :gift: (NEW!)

The holiday season is upon us so it’s the perfect timing to introduce a new feature - gifting patterns! You can gift any user on Ribblr using their email address or username. Simply click the gift icon and enter their details. We’ll automatically email them to let them know what an awesome friend you are!


Send patterns to testers (NEW!)

This one is for our designers!
Apart from being able to gift your patterns, you can also send patterns to testers before publishing them. Go to your shop, click the settings icon next to any pattern and then click ‘Gift pattern.’ We’ll notify the tester that you’ve gifted them your pattern.

Sale price (NEW!)

Another great addition for the holiday season!
Designers - you can now run special sales on Ribblr.
Crafters - watch out for exclusive sales :label:

Follow friends (NEW!)

Some of you are already familiar with this new feature as we’ve released this one early.
You can now follow friends on the community! Simply search for a friend’s name/username or click on a user’s profile and then click the ‘Follow’ button.

Link to shops on the community (NEW!)

Finding shops has never been easier. To continue our support for independent designers and to help you discover shops easily, we’ve added direct links to shops on the community which appear on designers’ personal profiles (and profile cards).

Tag links (NEW!)

You can now click on any pattern tag to search for similar items.

Stitch tutorial automatic translation (NEW!)

We will now automatically show you the abbreviations list and video tutorials (found at the top of each craft category page) in your language, based on your language preference!

General improvements and bug fixes

  • Our help center and manuals were updated with new information
  • Additional abbreviations and stitch video tutorial added
  • Designers can now select yarn colors on mobile too
  • Maximum interactive chart size has been increased to 23,000 cells (i.e 150x150)
  • You can now get a copy of your interactive chart when generating a PDF copy of your pattern
  • Improved accessibility for screen readers
  • Fixed: a bug when clicking ‘view as customer’ in your shop would misplace shop’s header
  • Fixed: a bug causing several iPad models to crashes when running the Ribblr ePattern tour
  • Fixed: a bug that made it difficult to delete symbols from some interactive charts

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features and improvements. As always - we welcome your feedback!


Good job guys :+1:


This is awesome! I like the new category for Tunisian crochet very much! You’re taking us all a big step forward again. Loving it!


Thank you both! @sunbirdcrochet @Peggy


This is HUGE!! Thanks so much for all the improvements and updates… pretty cool stuff!


Thank you Lori! :purple_heart:


Wow, you have been working hard ! Thanks so much for all improvements and new features ! :heart: :+1:t2:


Thank you so much for the kind words Marjan! :purple_heart:


Awesome update! Very good timing too!

Just one accessibility thought, the movie/animation in this post is a visual trigger for me and I can’t pause/still it. It would be nice if animations like this can have a play and pause button. Thanks!


Thanks for the kind words and for letting us know that GIFs are an issue for you.
There’s no simple way to pause a GIF unfortunately, but we’ll definitely try to find a solution that works for everyone!
Have a great weekend :jack_o_lantern:


I usually don’t have issues with GIF but this one seems to be very visual heavy. It might be because I’m in dark mode that the contrast is also higher


This is fantastic! Thanks for making the site even better!


How fun is this! Just joined today and hope to make friends soon. I am so excited to have this crafting community available! I heard of Ribblr in a chat on WeMe…first I had heard of it. Love it so far today and am exited to try sharing some patterns in the near future!


Welcome to Ribblr!
By the way, I just saw the picture of your dog on your shop. So cute!

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