Bunny of the Day 🐇🐰

Bunnys all over :rabbit:

To celebrate the festivity of Spring and Easter for those celebrating, for the next week we’ll be hosting a fun little event.
Each day we’ll be featuring a Bunny of the Day who’ll have a very special sale just for you!

You’ll be greeted with our Bunny of the Day as soon as you enter Ribblr and find them rocking our cute Ribblr-branded bunny ears on their shop.
You can also find our bunnies below! We will keep updating this list every day.

Our very first Bunny of the Day is

Monday’s Bunny of the Day

Tuesday’s Bunny of the Day

Wednesday’s Bunny of the Day

Thursday’s Bunny of the Day

Friday’s Bunny of the Day

Saturday’s Bunny of the Day

Easter Sunday - our last Bunny of the Day! :rabbit:

You can be bunnies too!

Join the fun - use our Ribblr Bunny ears and add them to photos/videos on your socials.

We’ll feature bunnies all day and every day for the next week on our social media pages!
Don’t forget to tag us (@ribblr_it on Instagram, @Ribblr on TikTok).

Download your bunny ears below (long/right click → save image) or find them as stickers on Instagram!

What’s your favorite pattern from today’s bunny of the day? :rabbit:

Tag them and give them a shoutout!


This such a fun idea!


This is a fun idea :bulb:

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When is the next rubble bunny