Ribblr 2023 lookback!

Hey Ribblrs :wave:

What a whirlwind of creativity 2023 has been!
As we reflect back on this incredible year, we’re excited to share this look back on the last 12 months with you. :purple_heart:

loooong post warning. TLDR?

This year, Ribblr experienced a HUGE growth, engaging millions of crafters worldwide. As part of 13 unique special events we gifted you with 37 freebies gave away 162 patterns and $1,000+ worth of materials to many lucky winners. We also introduced a ton of new game-changing features like our new materials section, safe testing tools and more.

Having second thoughts? Why not read the whole post for more details. :point_down:

2023 in numbers :hash:

This year marked a period of unprecedented growth for Ribblr, as millions of crafters from all corners of the globe used the platform. It’s amazing to see the unifying power of our shared passion for crafts connecting people from diverse backgrounds. :heart:

Quick Stats Roundup (for the stats enthusiasts :nerd_face:):

  • 7x increase vs 2022 with over 385,000 new shop followers.
  • A record-breaking pattern with over 20,000 orders! :scream:
  • Doubling pattern orders from last year, we’re excited for 2024 as 5.9 million patterns await in wishlists.

Giving back to our community

This year at Ribblr, we joined forces with incredible designers to shower our community with joy, gifting 37 freebies across various events! :gift:
We also gave away 162 patterns and nearly $1,000 in materials as part of many giveaway events. Plus, our new Spin the Wheel feature has already delighted tens of thousands with patterns, coupons, and gift cards.
Last but not least, we’re super proud to say we’ve gifted over 1 million $elFee points as bonuses to our fantastic Ribblr designers in 2023.

Here’s a quick recap of the many special events that made 2023 so memorable:

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  • Ribblr Annual Awards: We kicked off the year with our special Annual Awards event, presenting 8 unique awards across 6 categories. Tens of thousands votes later we had our winners and 3 lucky Ribblrs won incredible prizes, including limited Ribblr merch!

  • Ribblr’s Box of Chocolates: In February, we teamed up with amazing designers to give you a daily sweet surprise!

  • Mega and Lightning Giveaways: March was super exciting with our Mega Giveaway, Lightning Giveaways, and Mega Giveaway #2, where over 70 patterns were given away!

  • Bunny of the Day: This fun Easter-themed event brought exclusive daily sales from popular Ribblr designers.

  • Spring Cleaning Sale: April’s special sale event featured up to 75% OFF patterns!

  • Ribblr on the Go: A summer event (northern hemisphere) where you shared your Ribblr experiences on the go. We LOVED seeing how you using Ribblr in park or a cafe, on a train and even whilst to kayaking!

  • Ribblr’s 3rd Birthday and Ribblr Treat: We turned 3 with a bang, celebrating with 8 fabulous freebies! :tada:

  • Ribblr Materials Announcement: Our partnership with JOANN brought materials directly to Ribblr, plus we’ve given over $500 worth of materials as a giveaway to over 10 winners!

  • Halloween Ribblr Live: October also brought a (not-so) spooky Ribblr Live event and a Halloween freebie!

  • Black Friday: Our biggest sale yet, with massive discounts on yarn and patterns. Seriously - when did you ever manage to get 90% OFF a pattern?

  • 25 Days of Ribblr: Finally, we ended the year with a unique event full of 25 daily gifts, from freebies to huge sales.

Feature Drops

Thanks to our monthly feature drop we have released many new features and in 2023, based on your Suggestions :raised_hands: !

From game-changing features like our Materials section and safe testing tools, through Shareable and TikTok integration, to gamified features like Ribblr Live and Spin the Wheel.

There were also plenty of new community features as well as unique tools for designers like our giveaway, auto-generated tags, pattern drop, photo editing and more.

Finally, 2023 also brought important improvements such as expanded Smart Sizing support, search filters, accessibility tools and speeeeed improvements :rocket:

And despite a few hiccups, we’re proud of our 99.99% uptime this year, with less than 24 hours of total degraded performance. As our engineers like to say “As long as our presence goes unnoticed, we’re doing great at our jobs!” :purple_circle:

Interested to learn more? Discover all about our 2023 feature drops.

Community and beyond :purple_heart:

Stay tuned for a detailed community stats post next week!
For now, we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you.

Thank you to Team Ribblr which has more than doubled this year, and to and our amazing @leaders who have been instrumental in maintaining our special community spirit!

Finally, a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you for making this year so special. Your passion and creativity are at the core of Ribblr. :two_hearts:

As we’re looking into the new year we want to hear from you – what are your resolutions for 2024? :partying_face:


Thank you Ribblr and Ribblr leaders for being awesome and making 2023 awesome!! :clap::sparkles::sparkling_heart:


What a great year for Ribblr! And the person who got 20,000 orders on one pattern! WOW.

Thanks Ribblr & Everyone for making this community grow and thrive. Here’s looking to an even better 2024!

Happy Fun GIF by Molang


Thank you for the hard work Riblr! This has quickly become mmy favorite app. My new years resolution is to crochet more in my free time.


Thank you!

Love this :two_hearts:


Happy 2024! Thanks for the kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I actually got this app because I wanted this one specific pattern, but I never expected to be find and be able to join this incredible community! Thank you Ribblr for making this all possible!! Can’t wait to see what comes next in 2024!


That’s awesome! And now we’re intrigued - Which pattern was it?


This one right here! It’s definitely become one of my favorites :joy:


Lovely! Also just checked out your makes for it - such great work :clap:


So many thanks to Ribblr for making this such an awesome year!! I think my resolutions are to make more free patterns for my shop and maybeee take up knitting. Happy New Year!!:purple_heart:


Amazing year Ribblr! Hope next year is even better! :tada: :heart:
For next year I want to have more time to possibly create my own patterns :crossed_fingers:


That’s so awesome! @ThePoet1607

@CraftsByAdrivs yes! Can’t wait to see it!


Team Ribblr you are awesome! This is the kindest, most helpful online community I’ve ever been a part of. I appreciate the work you do to make the app useful, sustainable, and profitable for all.
In 2024 I plan to continue adding a few tiny designs each month. I love how Ribblr connects designers to testers and buyers!


That’s so nice to hear! And that’s thanks to all Ribblrs :heart: let’s keep it that way :raised_hands:


Thank you Ribblr for making one of the best app for us makers and designers alike! I came across this app accidentally and fell in love with it instantly, the support that all the community have for each other, the team behind this wonderful app to allow us, users, to create amazing designs easily and flexibly. Thank you Ribblr and the community for the love and care :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

As for my new years resolutions, to start designing and setting up my own shop soon…hopefully :sweat_smile:

Happy Advance New Years Everyone! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Happy New Year Celebration GIF by Faith Holland


So lovely to read! Thanks for the kind words- we are so happy you love Ribblr and thanks for making it a great place :heart:


I joined this app in 2022 because someone I followed on Pinterest had a shop… and never touched it again. That is, until a couple weeks ago, when someone I knew reminded me of Ribblr’s existence, and I came back. Since then, Ive made many friends, started my shop, and overall just had a good time. The Ribblr community is filled with some of the kindest people Ive ever met. My new years resolution is to put at least one paid pattern on my shop :partying_face:


Thank you Ribblr for all the work you’ve done! I’m very excited to see what the new year brings :smile:

My new years resolution is to finally make myself a knit garment that I’ve been putting on hold for a long time! :grin: