🎉 Our 3rd Birthday Party with Ribblr Treat - FREE patterns every day! 🍬

:partying_face: Celebrate with Us! It’s Our Third Birthday! :partying_face:

Dear Ribblrs,

Can you believe it’s been three whole years since we embarked on this creative journey together? Time really does fly when you’re having fun! :star2:

To mark this special milestone, we’re throwing an exclusive party just for you - our amazing Ribblr community. Get ready for a week of delightful surprises with a FREE pattern every day! :gift:

We’ve teamed up with some extraordinary Ribblr designers who poured their hearts into these gifts. Remember to shower them with love! :clap:

Each Ribblr Treat is up for grabs for just 24 hours (starting at 7am EST), so set your reminders - you won’t want to miss out! Come back daily for a brand new treat!

:candy: First Ribblr Treat Alert! :candy:
Introducing Mell the Candy Apple by the talented @wooliamigurumis - available for 24 hours only!

:candy: Second Ribblr Treat! :candy:
Spooky Season Wall Hanging Pattern by the wonderful @yarnunderr!

:candy: Third Ribblr Treat! :candy:
Gritty Gravestone by our very own @Knotbadcrochet !

:candy: Fourth Ribblr Treat! :candy:
Gilbert The Ghost Halloween by the amazing @thecrochetcartoon

:candy: Fifth Ribblr Treat! :candy:
Cat Stuck in Donut - this cute pattern is by the amazing @sleepyfoxtreasures

:candy: Sixth Ribblr Treat! :candy:
Spooky season beanie by the fantastic @Dannisdesignscrafts!

:candy: Seventh Ribblr Treat! :candy:
Frankenstein Bear - a wonderful design by @crochetingallday

:candy: SURPIRSE! Eighth Ribblr Treat! :candy:
The Classic Cabled Ear Warmer by the superb @KitzKnitz

A Journey of Three Amazing Years :tada:

Looking back, we’ve come a long way in just 36 months. From introducing features like Stash, Shareable, Journals and Makes, to bringing you Chat and Ribblr Live - it’s been an incredible ride! (Check out featuredrop)

But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our mission - making crafting more accessible and working toward three main goals:

  1. Create the best crafting experience
  2. Build a home for all crafters
  3. Innovate and modernize the crafting industry

This year, millions of crafters from every corner of the globe made Ribblr their crafting home. Your invaluable feedback tells us we’re on the right track! :purple_heart:

:bar_chart: Mind-Blowing Stats! :bar_chart:

Guess what? There are currently over 5 million patterns on wishlists! Isn’t that simply astounding? :scream:

Over 20,000 new patterns were uploaded this past year by thousands of independent designers and esteemed publishers. Together, they earned a whopping 50 million $elFee points, allowing them to reduce their sale fees all the way down to zero!

This year, we’ve shared over 500+ exclusive Flash Thursday deals, gifted 52 luckysunday winners, and featured 52 incredible Ribblrs in our ribblroftheweek section.

Spread the Ribblr Love! :star:

Help us make Ribblr even more fantastic! Invite your crafty friends to join the celebration and share your Ribblr story with a sparkling (5 stars?) review for our free iOS app or our free Android app.

The Best is Yet to Come! (And a HUGE Surprise…) :gift:

Hold onto your hats, because we’re about to unveil some game-changing features on Ribblr this year! Plus, we’ve got one MASSIVE surprise headed your way.
Can you guess what it might be? Here’s a hint: :yarn::shopping::green_heart:

Share Your Ribblr Story! :sparkles:

Let’s partyyy :partying_face:
Drop a comment and share your Ribblr story!
When did you first join Ribblr, and what’s your absolute favorite thing about it? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww cute pattern for today’s freebie :heart:


I joined Ribblr a little over a year ago I think? Oh how time flies! Ive met so many lovely crafty friends and been inspired to make so many different things!


I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I joined Ribblr several months ago because I needed a better way to organize all of my original crochet designs. Then I discovered Ribblr makes it so easy to publish and share them with the world!

I am steadily adding my back catalog and look forward to growing along with Ribblr!


Happy Birthday Party GIF by Vincent Winter

Happy 3rd Birthday @Ribblr! :tada: :cake:
I’ve been here for the whole ride and can’t wait to see where it continues to go!

Thank you, @wooliamigurumis for today’s gift! :apple: :green_apple:


Happy birthday Ribblr
I joined in Dec of 2022, this platform has grown a lot. Hmm my favorite feature there’s so many good ones so hard for me to pick.
Looking forward to seeing more amazing growth.
Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians


I joined ribblr earlier this year after seeing a dlfew people recommending patterns off of here so i thought i would download it, i instantly fell in love and started up my shop where i met 1 of my best friends in the entire world who tested my first ever pattern, @DasChubba, she introduced me to her friend group and now i chat to my friends everyday on here and now have 10+ amazing friends who i love so much, i was able to become a loving member of the community and recieve so much support which im so greatfull for, ive had people on my other socials who recognise me from here and it makes me feel so special, ive made nearly £80 on here in pattern sales and nearly 10,000 free orders x thankyou so much to everyone who follows me as ive recently hit 2000 followers x


That’s so great to hear! @Alyphira Thanks for being an amazing Leader!

@suettle Can’t wait to see it all!

@Karametra Thank you for your continuous support through those 3 first years! And for helping us make Ribblr a great place for crafters :purple_heart:

@CosmikEluminatedC That’s so nice to hear! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s so amazing! Congrats on your awesome success so far! @HuggleNHooks


I joined in July last year, and I love how easy it is to share your patterns, how welcoming the community is. I just love the platform in general! :smile:


That’s so lovely! Thank you for sharing @LittleCreatures


I first joined ribblr this year and I have been a huge fan of it ever since! It has been the perfect place to find all of the patterns I want to do with just the click of the button. I can ensure that my patterns won’t be stolen on ribblr either, and I really like the chat. It makes it super convenient for me to talk with all of my friends like @LittleCreatures, @DasChubba, and @ccloudyy and since being introduced to their friend group, I haven’t stopped sharing and talking lol. I also like how welcoming and supportive the platform is for new ribblrs!


Thanks for sharing @RooCrochets ! That’s so great to know :star_struck:


Happy 3rd Birthday and thanks for the pattern


happy birthday ribblr :face_holding_back_tears::birthday::balloon::white_heart:


Thank you! @desteeknee and @FayeLamb


So very proud to be a part of this community! Thank you everyone for making Ribblr such a special place for so many crafters around the world. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awh such a cute pattern ! Happy Birthday Ribblr​:purple_heart:


When i first joined the community i wasnt in too great a space of mind, but i met my friends and help helped me through that greatly! I don’t know where I’d be without this community, and without my friends. <3


Happy Birthday Ribblr. :tada: So glad to be a part of this community. It has been life changing for me. Thanks in advance to all the designers. Looking forward to many more years!