#CraftersAgainstPiracy | help us protect indie-designers!

Lately, we’ve heard more and more reports from designers who have had their PDF patterns stolen.
Pattern piracy has been a serious issue for far too long and affected thousands of designers.

Some designers like Trysten, owner of Dragon Hoard Yarn, had her PDF patterns redistributed and sold without her permission.

Pattern piracy affects designers financially and also mentally.
Just one example is Melinda of rhyFlower Knits who told us:

@rhyflowerknits: “I’ve been on the verge of quitting many times.”

We believe designers deserve a fair pay for their time and creations.

When we started Ribblr, we set out on a mission to support and protect designers.

Ribblr ePattern was built to provide an amazing crafting experience, but just as importantly- a safe format for designers that protects their unique creations.
Patterns on Ribblr cannot be copied or redistributed, and can only be accessed by those who legally acquired them.

And we want to do more. That’s why we’re launching #CraftersAgainstPiracy today!

It’s a movement that was born to raise awareness and encourage all crafters to learn more about pattern piracy and support indie-designers.

We’ve created a special design - ©rAP (Crafters Against Piracy) mitt pattern which you can now make to show your support!

Join #CraftersAgainstPiracy and let’s end pattern piracy together.

Marjan of Millionbells Crochet put it best:

@Millionbellscrochet: “To me personally, pattern piracy means I am losing out on income and it is taking my joy away from designing. Hopefully crafters will become aware of what pattern piracy means to stitch designers, through #CraftersAgainstPiracy.”

Check out the official campaign page and get a special edition mitt from an indie-designer to support them :point_down:
(all profits goes directly to the designer!)

Want to do more?
Please search for all #CraftersAgainstPiracy posts and like them to help us spread the word.

Don’t forget to share your ©rAP mitt journals.
Here are just a few awesome ones we already came across:

@Minty_Mia - check out the journal

@theknittynerd - check out the journal

@Sweeneystitches - check out the journal

@ReginaPDesigns - check out the journal

@KatePolizzi - check out the journal.

And finally, if you are a designer who’s been a victim of pattern theft we encourage you to share your story. :heartpulse:

Thanks for your support!
Team Ribblr


I’ve noticed that! Any good idea, truly novel pattern that receives interest is pirated by others in other countries… posted in a different language, that is essentially exactly the same. It must be absolutely deflating for the innovative crafter. A couple things come to mind. Because of my advocacy background, I know that governments are currently looking at the legalities of social media. Just as social media providers are legally bound to police misinformation on their sites, I believe piracy also falls under their obligations. Certain Parliamentary Committees in Canada & the US are looking at policies pertaining to the internet. If you are going to collect incidents to increase awareness and influence change, someone should be keeping track of the specifics of those incidents. That can then be taken to an elected leader for consideration in these deliberations. With concrete examples they can incorporate protections for the future. #CraftersAgainstPiracy :+1::hugs::clap:


Oh my goodness I didn’t know this was so common! This is a great cause! I wish there didn’t have to be a cause for this because this isn’t very good, but, that’s life. I might just go grab a pattern and crochet one of these up! :blush: I also want to say, @ribblr has done an amazing job with their platform! I’m so glad to be a part of this community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s so safe and secure for crafters and designers alike! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We’d love to see your mitts! :purple_heart:


I’m proud to be a part of this! When I published the original Mask Mate pattern back in February 2020 I was a very new designer and had no clue what I was in for. I have been pirated by people all over the world. I even had to fight a hospital in Canada that posted the pattern right on their website. and multiple youtubers who even used my photos as their video tags. If it weren’t for my super supportive husband and a few fellow designers, I would have quit and closed up shop by March. A lot of people are clueless and don’t realize it’s even illegal. People need to be made aware.


Thanks for participating! :purple_heart:


I love this movement! Pattern theft is art theft: period. Very cute design/slogan. I love it and I’m working on mine already :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Looking forward to see it


In the online world, where free photos and resources are vastly available, it is effortless to copy or take inspiration (crochet related or anything else) Same as going to a store, see something you like and try to replicate it. There are only so many crochet stitches to work with, so one garment looks often like another. I personally to do not see so much sense in copyrighting/watermarking/patenting something, because I know round the corner somebody will copy it no matter what. As a designer wanting to make an income I would rather ask myself: why should they buy a pattern from me other than getting it free somewhere else?


As an independent designer I appreciate you drawing attention to this massive problem. Any help is very much appreciated.

Sometimes it’s through ignorance, people don’t realise it’s wrong to share a pattern with a friend or share on a public platform such as Facebook. But sometimes it’s just plain stealing.

A month ago I was made aware of a webpage selling several of my patterns, lifting the complete listing from my Etsy Shop, photos and information the lot!! This person was also selling other top toy designers patterns, not only that but charging double to what the patterns were originally on sale for!

Took me two weeks to get them closed down. There isn’t a lot of help I’m afraid, Paypal weren’t interested, they were using Paypal to take payments. In the end I managed to get them closed via the host web page.


Thank you very much for sharing your story! And welcome to Ribblr :purple_heart:


This month has happened to me twice… once in Etsy and today of all places in Amazon… published as Kindle unlimited…
Etsy was very fast taking down the stolen patterns, lets see how long it will take Amazon to delete the e-book listing, 16 of my dolls stolen…
I am shocked, the nerve of some people…


We are so sorry this has happened to you. Designers do not deserve this.

Thank you for sharing and helping us fight against pattern piracy!


I’m so sorry this happened. I wonder if we post reviews on the Amazon item concerning the theft if it might get taken down sooner?


I believe you will have to purchase the book to leave a review… more revenue for the thief…
I reported him/her to amazon. lets hope it gets taken down soon.
I was in the process of publishing the book…
thanks for caring.


Oh my goodness! I am so sorry this happened to you, and you work so hard on these patterns too :pleading_face::cry::sob:… My heart so goes out to you, and I am thankful Ribblr has been a way to stop pattern piracy from happening :purple_heart:

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thanks. I am fighting it, lets see how long it takes…


I also have by my side Hookedoncotton, so I am not alone in this fight :wink:


This really is heartbreaking. I personally know all the hard work you’ve put into these dolls. Almost done with my 4th. :frowning: I wish I could do something to stop this from happening. Keep us updated. So, so sorry. :sob: