Did You know? 🧐 Your Stash is a personal inventory 🧶🧵

Welcome to our Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: (#dyk) segment where we teach you about Ribblr features and tools you might not know yet!

Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: You have your own Stash!

Our Stash feature has been extremely popular since it launched 6 months ago.
It’s essentially a personal inventory where you can add items like yarn, fabric, hooks and needles and keep track of all the stuff you have at home :yarn::thread:
You can even add tags to easily search your stash and of course edit or delete stash items.

You can also share your stash with others, and see their personal stash. Simply click on someone’s profile here on the community and then click ‘My Stash’.

You can also find quick links to your Stash from listing pages and from within any pattern so you can check that you have everything you need for the project.


:sparkles: Don’t forget: you can always learn more by asking questions here on the community or by visiting our help center.

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This just reminded me I have yet to mess around with this feature! Thank you for sharing and the hard work :blush:


I keep forgetting about this. Thanks for the reminder! :blush:


That’s kind of you! It’s our pleasure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sure thing! Let us know how you like it :partying_face:


I feel silly asking, but I’m new here and was wondering if there was a way to add quantity to the stash items?


Don’t worry that’s a good question! The best way I would think to do his is with the tags since you can put whatever after a # and when you want to increase or decrease the amount just edit it to reflect that, hoped that helped a bit! :smile:

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Okay cool. İ wasn’t sure if i was missing something or not. That works fine. Maybe eventually they can add a quantity counter for each listing you add. :purple_heart:Thank you.


That’s sounds like a good idea! You can make a topic in the Suggestions :raised_hands: with that idea so it has the chance to be added in a future Ribblr update! :smile:

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