Stories, Stash & Chat! September 2022 Feature drop 🔥 (plus a teaser!)

Are you ready for a HUGE feature drop?

Scroll down for all features and for a very special teaser :wink:
Or TLDR; watch the video to learn about a few of the new features.


Download the free Ribblr app on your iOS and Android devices.

Introducing: My Stash (NEW!)

Say hello to your personal stash. Add all your materials in one place and keep your stash updated as you work and as you buy new materials.

You can also easily sort your stash by tags.

Stories (NEW!)

Starting today you can find personalized stories on your home page so you can easily discover new patterns you’ll love!

Designers- we automatically promote designs in stories, for free, so you won’t need to do anything.

Chat rooms (NEW!)

As our community keeps growing, we see an increased demand for more casual chit chat.
We are excited to announce you can now chat with fellow crafters across the world with our chat rooms.
Visit a chat room today to give it a try!

Improved experience

Enjoy a smoother browsing experience on Ribblr with our new menus and quick actions on mobile.

Makes improvement

Our second release for makes is here - starting today designers who sell their own makes will get an ‘original designer’ highlight, and have their make stand out.

Designers can now also choose to disable the ability of letting customers sell makes based on their design on Ribblr. If you choose to do so an alert will display on your listing page so customers can decide if they still wish to buy your pattern.
We always recommend to enable the option of selling makes based on your design, as this will both generate you a passive income from royalties and dramatically increase your chances of selling more patterns.

Home page refresh (NEW!)

You will now find our team’s wishlist on your personalize homepage as well as an introduction to some of our amazing Ribblr Ambassadors!

By the way, our editors scout the platform daily for new inspiration and update our wishlist frequently so your makes and patterns can be featured too!

Google Pay (NEW!)

You can now use Google pay on our Android app - just make sure you are signed into your Google account (which is linked to your Google Pay account) on your phone.

Yarn weight (NEW!)

You can now find yarn weight in the materials section of patterns.

Designers - you can now find a new dropdown to select yarn weight when adding yarn in your pattern’s materials section.

New line hotkey (New for designers)

Designers working with a full keyboard can now hit the tab button as a hotkey for adding a new line in their pattern while in Ribbuild mode!

TikTok and Instagram auto format (New for designers)

You can now paste a direct link to an Instagram or TikTok video to any line in Ribbuild and our smart system will automatically format it to a video! By the way- the same already applies for YouTube.

Say hello to our new Leaders! :star:

We are super excited to introduce our newly appointed Ribblr Leaders - @Karametra and @NoKittenAroundStudio.

Both are incredible community members (and crafters!). They have set an amazing example and assisted fellow crafters so they truly deserve to be promoted to the highest community level.

As new Leaders you’ll see even more of @Karametra and @NoKittenAroundStudio who now earned special abilities and perks. (rocking that Leader badge!)

Please join us in congratulating them! :partying_face:

Previous feature drops

In cased you missed it - check out our previous feature drops to learn about exciting features like safe testing tools and $elFee!

Thank you :purple_heart:

Many of our new features were suggested by you :raised_hands:
So thank you, as always, for your amazing feedback.

A HUGE thanks goes to our testers!

Don’t forget
We release fixes & improvements weekly and new features every few months based on your input.
Feel free to share your suggestions!

Here’s a bonus for reading the entire post…
Our 2nd birthday is just around the corner! Stay tuned for fun events and special prizes :tada:

So… what is your favorite new feature? :star_struck:

  • Stash!
  • Stories!
  • Chat!
  • Other (share below!)

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Hiya so as the new ribblr update has come out, do shop owners have the ability to update their stories or not?


I would help u cause your amazing and lovely but I have no idea what a story is


Me neither.
I mean I know it from FB and IG, but hadn’t seen it here.

That would explain the icons on the front page though


What’s the stash section of Ribblr for? Is it for posting pics of your yarn​:sweat_smile::joy:



I hope it’ll expand at some point to where we can add yardage and available skeins.

And then link it to our makes so others (and we) can see what tarns were used in different makes when you look at a design. :smiley:


Thanks so much


You can feature patterns in your shop and they’ll be promoted automatically!


It’s a personal inventory so you can keep track of all the materials you own as you buy and use more :slight_smile:
You can fond quick links to your stash from within patterns and on listing pages!


oh ok tysm


Yarn, hooks, needles, fabric…
Like @CraftsbyNicB, I’m hoping it’ll get extended to be able to link to projects, have amounts left/used, and such :grin:


Excite So Excited GIF by BrittDoesDesign


Ah cool, haven’t found those yet
This is like a happy Easter egg hunt :joy::two_hearts:


Oh! That’s why hooks and needles are listed there!

If I do that, will I at some point be able to link those to my wips and actually know where they are :interrobang::joy::joy::joy:


Now this would be handy!!


Like a magic wand leading me to long lost treasures :joy::joy::joy:


I dunno if you guys take suggestions but maybe for your next update, so that you could get the fibre arts out in the wider world maybe you could open ribblr up to non-crafters so that they could buy makes and hopefully it means fibre arts will hopefully get more recognition.

Thanks :smiley:


Aww so sorry for not seeing this earlier you’re so kind your so amazing and lovely too :smiling_face: :blush:


This is already available! Anyone can join Ribblr and buy makes :slight_smile: