January 2023 Feature Drop 📣🆕 what’s your favourite?

As always, we’ve been busy building amazing new tools and working on improvements as suggested by you.
For YOU & suggested by YOU. Ready to see our first feature drop of the year?

:new: TikTok on Ribblr

Starting today, you’ll be able to find even more interesting, entertaining, and helpful content directly via Ribblr stories!
Now you can make sure you don’t miss out on great new content from your favorite designers.

Designer? Go ahead and connect your TikTok (via your shop manager) and get free promotion! It’s that simple.
Btw - did you know? You can already paste a TikTok link within any line in your pattern and we’ll automatically format it as video!

More integrations coming soon. :wink:

:new: Edit images

Always wanted to edit your photos quickly and easily? Now you can!

Whether you’re uploading an image from your gallery or taking a new photo with your camera, you can now edit it right away.

Image editing is automatically enabled for: shops, stash, journals, and of course Ribbuild (cover, measurements and instruction photos).

You can…
Crop, adjust, use filters, add text, images, emojis and frames, and even blur parts of your photo. :camera:

:wrench: Repeated lines

Ribblr ePattern does lots of cool things behind the scenes to make sure you have an awesome crafting experience.
When it comes to repeated lines and traditional patterns it’s just too hard to keep track.
That’s why we automatically show you all repeated lines (in blue) so you can track them individually.
This has always been the case, but you can now also choose to minimze your view.

By default, you’ll see a little arrow displayed next to a repeated line and all the repeated lines shown below individually, in blue. If you prefer not to track each line individually just click the little arrow.

:new: Remove yourself as a tester

One suggestion we’ve received from many of you was the ability to remove yourself as tester.

You can now find a tester remove icon (in red) shown on patterns in your testing library.
Just click it to remove yourself as a tester!

Please note: if you test all patterns for a specific designer you cannot remove individual patterns. You need to reach out to them if you don’t want to continue testing for them.

:wrench: Smart Sizing support (for designers)

We now support 3 sizing formats which we consider the standard.
You can use: size1 (size2, size3) OR size1 (size2, size3)(size 4, size5) OR size 1 (size2) size 3 (size 4). Ribbuild will recognize all standard formats and apply smart sizing!

This means crafters who use your patterns can select to view their size only. How cool is that? :raised_hands:

Even more…

  • An ‘instructions’ link in go-to menus
  • Pinch to zoom on Android: improved accessibility
  • Confirmation before archiving patterns
  • Arrows for navigating stories on non-touch screens
  • Confirmation when duplicating a pattern and deleting a pattern
  • Ribbuild guidelines and help center updated
  • Ribblr user name now displays in shop manager orders list

Previous feature drops :arrow_lower_left:

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In cased you missed it - check out our previous feature drops!

Have your say :purple_heart:

We release a new feature drop every month so share your suggestions on the community tab.
As always, huge thanks to @RibblrTesters for testing the new features :raised_hands:

So… what is your favorite :new: feature?

  • TikTok in Ribblr!
  • Editing images!
  • Other (share below!)

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Thanks for all the great features! :two_hearts:


Our pleasure! Hope you enjoy them all :purple_heart:


deleting my tests will help a lot! I have loads that i already finished but are still there!!!


Excited for this! :raised_hands:


The editing images is gonna be life changing!!!


These are great! Thanks again!
Still suggesting journals of non Ribblr patterns or patterns that aren’t in your library (as I have several bought off of Ribblr or designer had it free on their own blog)


It’s been logged! Thanks :pray:


Super excited about the picture editing feature! I some times have to take a picture 3+ times cause it didnt show the picture as i wanted! Im also happy about the zoom finally working on my phone! Thank you :heart:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing :relaxed:


Definitely excited for tester removal!


Thanks for all features


Image editing sounds pretty sweet!:heart:


I was told the right ratio was 4:3 once :slight_smile: either 4:3 or 5:4, my brain malfunctions :sweat_smile:


I thought I had seen 5:4 and thought “of course, a ratio that my phone camera doesn’t have as a crop option”


My phone camera has added new ratios for resizing recently after the last update, and it’s chaos inducing :dizzy_face: there are like 50 different ones and getting to the right ratio hurts my brain :rofl: cause of course, they gave no way to select the proper ratio you have to crop it manually and it will tell you when you hit a ratio.




You can definitely use the crop feature, but either way the photo (if cropped by us) will always crop to the center. So as long as the object is in the center of the image with enough margins on all sides, you should be good!


Oh wow! I never thought some of these would be possible! Thanks for the new update, I can’t wait to use it!! :laughing:


Oooo I love Tiktok what a great added feature!