Ribblr community 2023 wrapped post ๐Ÿ’•

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Happy 2024! :tada:

As we get into this new year with new resolutions and aspirations, we want to share one final post to wrap up 2023 and celebrate each and every one of you for making 2023 a memorable year here on our community spaces.

There were over 152,000 posts in 2023, with 735,000 likes!

This year we are introducing a brand new badge: Top Contributor.
This badge goes to all incredible community members who appear on our lists below, and were the top contributors last year, making our community the great place that it is!

Whatโ€™s even more cool is you can use Top Contributor as a title which will appear on your profile and posts!

Top contributors 2023

Note: Ribblr posts/numbers are excluded

Most visits :wave:

This year weโ€™ve had A LOT of people who visited the community over 300+ consecutive days. And here are the those who didnโ€™t miss more than 2 days across the entirety of 2023!

:trophy: @ArtsAndNaps and @Alyphira with 365 days! :saluting_face:
:trophy: @Karametra and @tygger428 with 364 days
:trophy: @HookedByMarilyn, @Letodolls and @xhunni and @OBabyNMore with 363 days!

Read time :open_book:

Our top three readers, who spent the most time reading through topics and posts in 2023 were:
:trophy: @anoswaldoddity
:trophy: @ArtsAndNaps
:trophy: @OBabyNMore

Most posts :writing_hand:

The top three Ribblrs who posted the most on our community in 2023 are:
:trophy: @ArtsAndNaps
:trophy: @Winternightmare
:trophy: @anoswaldoddity

Most likes :heart:

Here are the Ribblrs who gave and received the most likes in 2023:
:trophy: @ShortClarice
:trophy: @anoswaldoddity
:trophy: @SweetTomato

Top topics 2023

Most read and replied to topics :tada:

In total, Ribblrs spent over 163 hours (nearly 7 full days) reading these 3 topics alone:

:trophy: Guess the movie! A fun game) by @Winternightmare
:trophy: WIP Wednesday share by @OBabyNMore
:trophy: Finish(ed) It Fridays! by @OBabyNMore

Most liked topics :two_hearts:

:trophy: Cow and a bunny in a frog costume by @looknit
:trophy: New Step in Life by @Alyphira
:trophy: Stitch Marker I have made recently #3 / JAdamsCollection by @JAdamsCollection

Popular giveaways :gift:

:trophy: 10k giveaway!! (Winners announced!!) by @xhunni
:trophy: Crochet Pattern Giveaway!!! (Christmas is the last day!) by @PrairieFireBoutique
:trophy: Wishlist Giveaway! +Birthday thank you by @ArtsAndNaps

Popular Knitting/Tunisian/Sewing topics :yarn::thread:

:trophy: A lady in spirit and form by @Sondaystudio
:trophy: What are you working on? - #5 by Lacey344 by @Lacey344
:trophy: Sewing Enthusiasts i need your help! by @Alyphira

Most popular testers calls Testing zone

:trophy: Tester call for Crochet: Twinkle the Christmas Star [Closed] by @wooliamigurumis
:trophy: [CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Daphne the Daisy Monster by @yokattapatterns
:trophy: [CLOSED] Jules the Jumping Spider Tester Call! by @KaytlynJohnsen

Engaging community topics (from get-to-know-you and goodvibes)

:trophy: Random- what pets do yโ€™all have? by @Kenziekrochet
:trophy: Introduce Yourself! by @CraftsByAdrivs
:trophy: is anyone else in my age group? by @croshayna

Your favorites Ribblr posts

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Your favorites Ribblr posts

As we did not include Ribblr metrics above, here are your favorite Ribblr posts. :point_down:

Most popular topics in 2023:

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Thank you all for another great year! Use this opportunity to give a shoutout to your favorite Ribblrs and spread the love :heartpulse:


Congratulations to everyone!


This is a lovely community and Iโ€™m glad to be a part of it :purple_heart:


Congrats everyone! :tada:


It is amazing to be within such a wonderful community :sparkles: Congratulations everyone!! :partying_face::white_heart:


This is such a cool topic! Ever since I joined ribblr itโ€™s been my favourite place ever, everyone is so kind and welcoming! I canโ€™t wait to see what 2024 holds in store for this amazing community :purple_heart:


Oh wow itโ€™s very interesting to see the stats! Happy new year!! Excited to see next yearโ€™s community wrapped post :smile:


Very cool to actually see all this information :heart:
It will be interesting to see how 2024s compares (side by side)


This is so cool to see! Glad im not the only nerd with 365 days :sweat_smile:


Ahhh this is so cool to see!!! I have been so blessed to be apart of this amazing community. I cant wait for 2024 and everything thats in store!! Happy New Years everyone :blue_heart::blue_heart:


Kudos to the staff dregging through all the data to come up with these stats!
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Congrats everyone and a happy new yr!


Congrats to everyone!

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Ribblr started in 2020?

Are there similar stats for 2021 and 2022 to compare side by side with 2023?

That would be interesting to see


I couldnโ€™t find a post for 2021. But I did find posts for 2020 and 2022, with the stats showed in the 2022 post, was really interesting to see last years stats!