Shop Materials on Ribblr! // 25% OFF plus $500+ yarn giveaway! 🎁 (100 hours only!)

:star2: We’re so excited to announce our new partnership with JOANN! :star2:

Shop an exclusive collection of yarns and fabrics, powered by JOANN, and explore endless creative possibilities directly on Ribblr! :tada:

Purchases you make via Ribblr are seamlessly and automatically added to your Stash for effortless inventory management. No more manual entries!

We’re celebrating this amazing partnership with $500+ yarn giveaway and limited claims of 25% OFF yarn coupons on top of already incredible prices! Scroll down for more.

Just a heads up - right now this is available for US crafters only. We’re working hard to bring it worldwide very soon. Stay tuned!

:moneybag::moneybag: First Prize: Win $75 worth of yarn (5 lucky winners!)
Purchase materials through Ribblr, and you’re automatically entered! Each purchase = 3 entries. (so 3 purchases are 9 entries!)

To make things even sweeter we’ve got an limited coupon for you: 25% OFF all yarn + FREE shipping! That is on top of already INCREDIBLE prices.
(make sure you update Ribblr on your iOS and Android devices before buying!)

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:moneybag:Second Prize: Win $20 worth of yarn (8 lucky winners)
Comment below and let us know what you’ll be buying if you win!
5 winners here on the community plus 3 winners on Ribblr’s social pages.

Act fast! Giveaway ends soon: 2023-10-14T13:00:00Z

More to come :purple_heart:

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for a wave of exciting features and tools designed to enhance your crafting journey!

Coupon Terms
  • Applies to single skein products only; excludes doorbuster and clearance items
  • Free shipping on orders over $25
  • Coupons are limited and may run out, so be sure to confirm at checkout!
    US crafters only - worldwide coming soon!
Giveaway Terms
  • Purchases and comments must be made within the giveaway timeframe
  • Winners must provide the requested details to Ribblr within 7 days to claim their prize
  • Participation is open only to countries where JOANN ships
  • Prizes will be awarded in the form of e-Gift cards, or an alternative yarn purchasing method of equal value will be provided.
  • US crafters only (Worldwide rolling out soon!)

This is so exciting!!


SO excited for this partnership! This is going to make the process of starting a project even smoother. Looking forward to the future of Ribblr! :tada:


Oh my goodness! I knew it was probably going to end up being something related to yarn, but this id way more than i expected!
If I won I would invest that yarn into my personal stash, and hopefully be able to make more items to donate to people in need! I have donated hats, and I’m hoping to eventually be able to donate clothes and blankets:)


Definitely excited to see this partnership! Honestly if I won I would probably buy more yarn maybe some Red heart super saver yarn, or bernat blanket yarn, and stitch markers :joy::yarn:


I cant wait to purchase some yarn!!!
I’d buy, well, more yarn, and probably gift my friends some too :3


Super excited to launch this partnership! Thanks everyone for your support and can’t wait to see your updated Stashes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so excited! I gasped when I opened the app and saw this!! It’s so convenient and fun too! If I won I would put the yarn toward my small business! <33


I love this! I have a scarf I’ve been wanting to make to match the mohair / wool sweater I’m making all from Joann brands! So happy for the partnership with Ribblr, this is a big step!


I CALLED IT!!! So excited to buy yarn from ribblr! It’s awesome to see how big ribblr is expanding as a website for crafters! :two_hearts:

If I bought yarn I would probably make stuff for my friends and family since the holidays are coming up :snowflake: :gift: :yarn:

Buuuuttttt… I’m completely broke lol


i wish i could but IM NOT IN US WAH


I hope it comes to Europe too


@Itsfayfay4 @LievenstrooCrochet
We’ll be rolling out to more countries soon!


definitely roll out to Australia if you can @Ribblr!! We’d love to have you here, well, especially me :wink: :pray: :pray:


Australia is on the list! Keep an eye out :slight_smile:


will nz come soon?


ooh!! You’ve made all of my Christmases come at once :rofl: hopefully i can finally snag some Bernat Blanket


is there gonna be premier parfait chunky??


We’re working with Joann so if they stock it then we’ll have it!


Ummmmm! How convenient! Yarn and patters all in 1 app? Better then what I was expecting! On my way to purchase more yarn! Can you every have too much? Nope! I’ll use the yarn to make even more projects, especially because I was just looking up new patterns on things to make for the holidays! Heck, yes! Woohooo Ribblr