Downloading patterns?

Is it possible to download patterns as a PDF?


Hi Audrey!
At Ribblr we do things a little differently and we’re focus on being user & eco friendly.
Patterns are available in Ribblr ePattern format - which is our interactive and digital format that allows you to select your size, language, and measuring unit, watch videos, track your progress and more.
Unfortunately, we can’t support those features inside a PDF.
You can however access your Ribblr ePatterns on all devices as your progress is automatically synced.


A suggestion as you grow-

While I am sure that I will love the tips, help, etc., I would like to see the ability to download a copy of the pattern (as a PDF) to my digital library offline.


I could see a need to download sewing patterns or knitting and crochet charts. Also, in a lot of the places I go I don’t have reliable internet service on my phone to access a pattern that is strictly online. Being able to download it to my phone would help a lot. Thanks!


Hi Michelle.
You can already download and prints charts (apart from interactive ones) in general and cut-out patterns for sewing patterns! You’ll see a download button on top of an attached media inside the Ribblr ePattern. It’s up to each designer to decide if a media is downloadable.

With regards to accessing your pattern offline - it’s something we’re working on! Bear with us :slight_smile:

Thanks and welcome to Ribblr!


I love the idea of being able to download the pattern as well. I understand that your platform is eco friendly and is suppose to help eliminate waste, however having a pdf version of the pattern is really valuable to me and I would be more likely to purchase a pattern on a different platform that let’s me download the pdf. :confused:


Hi Lea and welcome to Ribblr!
Patterns on Ribblr are not available as PDF not only for eco friendly reasons but also to provide the best crafting experience. That’s why we’ve created Ribblr ePattern and all its unique features!
We are hoping to introduce a way to download the pattern so you can access it offline while still enjoying most if not all of our features but it could take us a bit of time to get there as we’re just starting out.

We do respect that some people still prefer to work with a printed pattern and while those are currently unavailable on Ribblr there are plenty of great places to get them!
We hope you’ll give Ribblr ePattern a try, though. We’re positive you’ll like it :purple_heart:


So I think for me downloading is important because I’ve had situations where patterns I’ve purchased on other sites become “unavailable” or are removed from the site, for whatever reason, and then I lose that pattern (and in essence the money) forever. So while I want to use epattern, a backup pdf option would make me feel more secure at least, if that makes sense.


Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it.
You are absolutely right and for that reason we’ve made sure this would not happen. We can reassure you that even if a pattern is removed or is being unpublished anyone who purchased/acquired it will still have access to it.
We understand that offline access is important too, and while it’s a little bit tricky due to the nature of the interactive Ribblr ePattern format, it is something we are working on. :slight_smile:


For eco reasons? So we don’t have the choice to print patterns? My phone does not have infinite battery power, it’s small, and I don’t want to look at it all the time. I need something I can write on. It really should be up to the individual to decide the format they want.


Hi Malena and welcome to Ribblr!
At the moment we don’t sell traditional printed PDFs. We are focused on providing interactive patterns with our Ribblr ePattern format, which provides a new crafting experience. You can access it on all of your devices. The idea is to provide you with interactive tools such as the ability to track your progress and continue on the go with auto save and sync. You can also select your size, language, and measuring unit, watch videos, photos and stitch tutorial, write and doodle on the pattern, access a counter and more - all within the pattern.


How do you download the pattern-what button do you press to download it or to see the tutorial?


Hi you can find patterns on your patterns library.

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Thank you so much!

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I did not realize that when I purchased a pattern from Ribblr that I could not print a pdf version. Had I known, I would have not made the purchase. I always work from a printed copy as I do not have a phone. I require a hardcopy.


Is there any update on this? I’m flying today and was absolutely dismayed to realize that I couldn’t even access a read only version of the pattern I paid for in advance of this trip. I understand trying to discourage users from downloading pdfs when the interactivity of Ribblr is so perfect and saves so much waste from paper and whatnot. But not even being able to SEE my purchases?! I’m really disappointed


Hey! You could access the pattern online and keep it open, it’ll stay available and the changes will be saved when you have data access again.
The alternative is asking for a file from the designer if they can share one.


I bought a few patterns on here through a bundle because it was a good deal but the ePattern/interactive features are so frustrating! It would be really helpful to have a non-interactive downloadable PDF version just to avoid the headache of trying to read a pattern that has so many unnecessary features. Probably wouldn’t purchase another pattern on here unless PDFs were available

We’re sorry you feel that way.
Our mission it to innovate the crafting space, and we’ve been able to help millions of crafters craft more thanks to the unique features of Ribblr ePattern.

We’d love to help elevate your experience and learn more on what’s been causing you issues.
Ribblr ePattern is completely personalized, and features a standard layout across ALL patterns, regardless of craft type or designer, so it makes it super easy to get going in a way that works for you. For example, you can control the level of details you see (such as select your size, enable or disable tips mode with videos), track your progress, doodle and more.

Feel free to send us a private message with your issues and questions, we’re always here for you.


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