June 2023 Feature Drop 🆕

Ready to find out everything about our new feature drop?

:new: New & improved UI

Accessibility has been a key goal for this Feature Drop.

Even though Ribblr is still a young platform, we released many accessibility tools over the past 2.5 years.
That includes left-hand mode so you left-hand crafters can watch video tutorials that are personalized for them, reduce motion mode, dark mode and more.

Today’s Feature Drop makes Ribblr even more accessible.
Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure you can enjoy an even better browsing and crafting experience with speed improvements and new icons, colors & fonts.

You’ll notice this across our entire platform - your patterns library, the community and even Ribblr ePattern all have that upgraded look & feel.

There’s also better searching experience in your libraries as you can now find patterns by searching for a name (or partial name), designer/shop, and even tag.

New community tools, spaces and more :new:

Say hi to Suggestions - our new space! :raised_hands:

As Ribblr continues to grow rapidly, we’re always looking for ways to keep the community organized.
Essentially, the Support :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: space is now dedicated only to questions and support queries such as reporting bugs or asking a question about a feature.
Our brand new Suggestions :raised_hands: space is dedicated to new features and improvements you want to suggest.

This is a key space for Ribblr as we release new features based on your suggestions every single month.

We’ll be monitoring it and keeping an eye on the like count to see which suggestion is particularly popular. :wink:

:white_check_mark: Mark it as solved

With our Support :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: space being solely dedicated to support, we now have a new feature that lets you mark a post as a correct answer. This helps us keep things organized for repeated questions, and also rewards helpful community members.

And with that in mind…

:trophy: New badges

We have quite a few new badges, including the incredible solution-institution which can also be used as a title next to your profile.

Even more new things on the community!

  • You can now feature up to 5 badges on your profile
  • Each community tag now has a header that also (if needed) explains what it should be used for. For example, click this → goodvibes
  • Our community tags are also sorted by groups
  • Certain phrases like Help Center will now be automatically hyper-linked as you type them in a community post
  • We also updated our community guidelines in accordance with our newly introduced Content Guidelines (see below). For example, by default you won’t see age-restricted posts using tag nsfw.

Sort wishlist by patterns on sale! :new:

You can now sort your wishlist by sale. Just click the ‘sort by’ icon or word to get going.

View your karma points :new:

You can now see your own karma points on your makes page.
As a reminder, Karma points are earned when you complete a pattern test using our new testing tools that were released last month.

Filtering patterns in your shop (:new: for designers)

Designers, you can now filter patterns in your shop for an easier and better shop managing experience. Choose from ‘all’, ‘public’, ‘draft’ and ‘testing’ to filter the list of your patterns.

Even more…

~ Terms & Conditions update, including our new Content Guidelines.
~ New Help center questions & answers
~ New Ribbuild tutorial video
~ Large iPad and Android tablets shop layout bug fix

In case you missed it… our previous feature drops :arrow_lower_left:

Did you learn about our Ribblr’s new testing tools yet?

Check out all our previous feature drops!

Which of our new feature do you love? :purple_heart:

Vote for one or many! :point_down:

  • New user-interface
  • All the new community spaces & tools
  • Something else (post below)

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I’m excited about being able to search by designer, that’s great!


I am most excited about the new UI, like all of it, every change. For the first time, I can see and read everything, I was even able to better read a screenshot of dark mode because my eyes were not so strained from trying to read everything else.
The layout is less cumbersome and it feels like everything is much easier to find. Of course I like the filters and searches and all the other cool things, but it means so much more now that I can actually read the pages.


Yes! I had to vote all 3 :woman_shrugging:t3:
I was a little surprised when I saw the new layout, but I like it (it did take a moment to get used to, especially the message format, but not complaining)
The search and filter features sound great
And I’m looking forward to playing more in the community with those changes :blush:


All of these are amazing! But I love the new layout and being able to see your karma points :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love being able to see karma points! :blush: it sure will take some getting use to with this new community! It looks so clean and fresh!


I have many questions about the Terms and Conditions. But we shall see how those are resolved and see if the community space becomes more tolerable.


This is a great feature drop. But if I had to pick one favorite, it is being able to sort my unpublished shop patterns. Thanks for everything though.


All of this looks great!


This is amazing! I can’t wait to be able to test all these new things, thank you so much for your hard work once more :smile::grin: I love the new support space update and the new suggestions space!

Along with the little header to understand how to use them a bit better! Honestly everything looks great and I can’t wait to experience these new changes first hand :smile:


Thanks for sharing! :purple_heart:


Great work and thanks everyone for your amazing support!
Another special thanks to everyone who shared their suggestions and tested this feature drop :blush:


Sorting Wishlist By On Sale…Awesome! TY!


I’d like the June drop more if it fixed the social side since I got attacked last night for no reason. I dont See anything changing.


Sorting wishlist by sale!!! Yippee!

And I love the accessibility/UI upgrades. I really struggle with my vision, so those updates were fantatsic - thank you, team!



Awesome! Thanks for sharing :innocent:


oh, this really was the best part!


I’m excited about sorting wishlist by sales! This is super important to me because I have a super limited budget and this will be extremely helpful in choosing whether to buy any patterns or not!! Hopefully buy :wink::grin:


@Ribblr so question, I was reading terms and conditions and in it, it states to not divert anyone to another site.

so, I notice sometimes people will ask others to go to instagram for tests or just as a raffle style thing. so this is a no no, right? especially if you provide a direct link?

But it is ok to have like your instagram or whatever on your “homepage”

I ask because I do have just my instagram name on my homepage and also I mentioned one time that a person looking for testers could look at my makes and also welcome to look at my username on instagram. i dont provide links with either. just want to make sure I understand the rule right.

also, I am excited for the look and the pattern sorting options. especially the on sale option. cause I do live a good sale :slight_smile:

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