Need Help Organizing My Yarn

Hey :slight_smile: My yarns are a mess. I need some tips on how to organize them. i stuffed them in a box and have my WIPs in another box. heh…


Lol same. My yarn is currently spread out all over my bed lol :sweat_smile:

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My yarn used to be horrendous until I got one of those yarn winders and wound them up in cakes and put them on shelves. The store really easily that way, and it isn’t very hard to wind them once you get the hang of it. I’m fact, I actually got my friend to do it for me while I crocheted. :rofl: But it’s super satisfying and worth the work, so I definitely recommend getting one (I think you can get one on Amazon or any craft store). For my wips, I leave those in extra shelves, boxes and containers, lol :sweat_smile:


We were just discussing this a few days ago

Apparently it a common question!!

Check the above out for all the ideas Ribblrs came up with.