first time selling at a market 🙏🏼🥳

hi howdy :heart::heart:
i got accepted into a holiday market to sell my art and crochet and i wanted to reach out here and see if anyone has any tips or advice :heart::pray:t3: i’ve been researching for a while, i have sales experience and i’ve helped out friends at their booths before, but this will be the first time i’m selling my own creations :partying_face::partying_face: i greatly appreciate any help that anyone here is willing to offer, i love this community so much y’all are just terrific :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Have things at multiple price points! You want some cheaper items (below $25) some middle ground ($25-50) and maybe some expensive items. Good luck to ya!


Click on the purple letters and you’ll find what’s been said in recent months.


I actually answered a question like this not long ago so I’ll just copy and paste my answer lol

  1. Good customer service (not staying on your phone, talking and engaging with people, etc)

  2. Have everything priced fairly (Don’t undermine your work!)

  3. Make things that are affordable as not everyone carries bills higher than 20s and some don’t carry much change (unless of course you’re doing it digitally)

  4. Perhaps have your items in containers and one item of each you intend to sell on display with price as to minimize bacteria/germs

  5. Not really needed, but it might be nice to have a bottle of germ-x on the table for people to use

  6. If you intend to sell things with safety eyes, chenille yarn, etc perhaps have it noted somewhere whether just for yourself to mention or a little paper to give saying how it can be a chocking hazard for kids and that chenille yarn sheds, etc (maybe even a step further and mention if the yarn used is machine washable, etc)

  7. Having display stands or just displaying things nicely where everything is noticeable would make it look more pleasing to the eye

  8. Seasonal and functional items might sell more but just sell what you want and take noticw around you what people bought and for how much for reference for next time or to even just sell online

If you want even more tips I’d recommend going to the community tab and using the magnifying glass (in the community tab not the shop one) and searching anything with market, market tips, craft fair, craft fair tips, etc, Here’s the original post I answered too as I believe there were other great answers!

Good luck with your market and make sure to safe safe and well!! :smile:


I can say from some experience (i dont sell as i have extreme agoraphobia but a lot of close friends do it for me) that a lot of the tactile things sell for me (chenille plushies, stress balls, squishy frogs etc.) I also notice i tend to sell more things if its the only vendor station that has it (i.e. the last place i went had lots of blankets both knitted and crocheted, i was the only one with plushies and it nearly decimated the rest of my stock lol).


Here’s a few suggestions
Carry a variety of price point items. If you have any access to small shelves or cube grids those work wonders for displaying your plushies.
I noticed at my last market last weekend people kept liking to feel the soft chenille feels on the plushies so that appears to be popular (blanket, and the sweet snuggles or chunky parfait)
People love pocket pals like octo, whale, jelly fish

Also if your doing cash I’d make sure your able to break larger bills. I almost got caught being unable to do that so keep it in mind.



GREAT JOB! I recently had my first market, so I would suggest, if you’re comfortable with it, to greet people when they walk by or if they stop and look around. It encourages people to look over if they’re just walking by, and it can make you seem very open and friendly! Best of luck! Let us know how it went if you want!