What kinds of WIPs do you have?

So, I was organising my “yarn room” and came across my WIPs. I decided to gather them up, and it turns out that there are quite a few :joy:
When I started crocheting and knitting more, I thought “Pfft, WIP-piles. I’ll never have one of those.” Well… Sometimes you need to eat your words. And then eat them again, because the first time didn’t make up for how wrong you were.

Random limbs that I don’t have an idea what they were supposed to belong to, and bagged bigger WIPs:

Patterns that are in the making but put into the naughty/I’ll-deal-with-you-later corner for various reasons:

Extra: Failed designed patterns that will probably never be released (you can guess why my boyfriend thinks that I’m starting to get an obsession with turtles):

So… How big is your WIP pile, if you have one? And what’s in it?

If you don’t have one, I hope you got a good laugh out of this! My emotions switch between half-crying and a maniacal cackle :joy:


I have two.
One is a rose I started for myself hence why it got put to the side.

The other is a horror bouquet for my daughter needed in December so fingers crossed I get it done


Ooh, a horror bouquet? That sounds really interesting!


Yep, that’s how it goes a lot of times :rofl:
But I do know some who have kept to the 1 project at a time :flushed:

My WIP pile is out of control and has even branched into a UFO pile :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:
But my current actual WIPs include a sweater for my son, a sweater for me (both are “scrappy”), a temp blanket for my son, prototypes for one of my pattern updates, and a baby blanket for an almost 2 yrs old :woman_facepalming:t3:

Also, I encourage you to check out Make It Monday, WIP Wednesday share, and Finish(ed) It Fridays! (the last name came about when I was streaming and trying to get some of my UFOs finished… I wasn’t “allowed” to start a new project and would often work on one of the abandoned ones)


Test pattern for a female Frankenstein “FRAN”!


Wow, I can’t believe I missed all of those amazing posts! I’ll definitely take some time to go through them from the start later, because I find all of this so interesting :blush: Thank you!


I don’t have a picture of it atm :joy: but I’m working on a hexagon cardigan.
It’s taking so long but I have this whole plan to make a tank top and shorts to go with it :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Oh, cardigans taking long is something I know all too well! The second picture with the bags are my squares for my (to-be) cardigan :joy: If I ever make one again, I think I’ll go bigger than 8x8 cm/10x10 cm squares (4"/4" or 3"/3"). I’m almost done with making the squares though, but then I’ve been working on it on and off since March haha
I hope you get them done soon, it sounds fantastic to have a set!


A gnome :>


Thank you so much! Hopefully I’ll be able to get them all done :crossed_fingers:


Honestly, I don’t know why you’re not posting the little turtle/cape guy with a hat he was so cute I would make that pattern 1 million times :joy:


Your “failed” patterns are quite cute for failed things, I especially like the blue one with an orange hat, even if I don’t know what it is :sweat_smile:

I thought I had no WIP, but actually I have alot of random stuff, failed tries, and random limbs as well ^^

Failed cows, a headphone pad that was too uncomfortable, and an unfinished doll :

And some things I just didn’t finish :


Haha, I honestly don’t know what the blue guy is either :joy: I think I called him “Fisher Mage” or something like that in the pattern (the orange hat is made to look like he has a fish on his head :joy:)
Well, if people seem to like him, maybe I’ll go back and make him a finished pattern at one point or another!

That said, yes–it’s quite amazing what WIPs and parts you find when you start looking :joy: The question that comes after is what to actually do with the lot!
The cows look fantastic though! I especially like the gray one :smiley:


A fisher mage, that’s so cute :grin: the other ones are so cute too, and I really like the dog’s face too.

Well, I think my WIPs are gunna stay in the basket until I run out of certain colors of yarn and have to undo them :sweat_smile:

Thank you ! It was my first try to make a pattern, and there is just too many things wrong, especially that they don’t stand straight haha ^^ but I might retry one day.


I have two blankets, a link hat, a toddler sized hexi cardigan, a tapestry, and a couple amigurumi I don’t have the patience to sew together :skull: I used to make sure to do one project at a time but :woman_shrugging:


Tons and tons of turtles! :rofl:


I have a lot. Thought about making a doll with all the leftover pieces. Most are clothing for them though.

My favorite is a butterfly blanket (2 actually) that I have crocheted. They just need to be connected. I think I will take them with to the senior center to teach people how to connect squares … or wings. :wink:


That’s an excellent idea, and a very nice thought! :blush: I’m really curious what it is though–is it patches made of butterflies that you connect, or how does it work? It sounds like it would be lovely anyway!


I have a few. A dragon, 2 cardigans, a flower top, and a blanket… I think thats it? Wips totally pile up lol I love the turtle with the green shell thats in your pile!


im working on making a cardi for my sister, 3 new amigurumi pattern designs, and 2 raglan sweaters.