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As discussed in previous posts:
Elphaba is E
Fiyero is F
And you have to guess who G is!

Chapter 6
After the Loss…

Elphaba had not eaten or gotten out of bed or spoken for a while. Fiyero had to coax her for hours just to finish a glass of water.
F: Come on my love, (leans over to grab a glass and put it gently to her lips) you have to drink something. One sip my love, it’s not tea, so it’s not hot. Please ?
E: (parts her lips to let water in, not looking at anything)
F: That’s it my love, here. (presses a locket with a piece of Nathaniel’s first shirt and a piece of his favorite stuffed toy in the palm of Elphaba’s hand) That’s it my love, get some sleep my love.
E: (turns over and pulls the covers up to her chin, and says in a small, soft, tired voice,) Fiyero,
F: (Rushes to her side) What is it my love?
E: I miss him.
F: (kneels next to her, holds her hand and says in a calm, comforting, wavering voice, ) I know my love, I know. Take a rest. (Thinking to himself) She needs Glinda.

Chapter 7
The Good Witch Visits

F: (Sits downstairs in a chair, thinking) How do I contact her? Hmm, I’m going to have to go to Oz. But what about Elphaba? She can’t be alone, she can’t go with me, she’ll be recognized… Chistery! But, I have no Idea where he is! (Groans with frustration)

Fiyero thought for a while, always coming up with a flimsy or unusable answer. After a while, he went back upstairs, took a shower and crawled into bed with Elphaba, and gently caressed her face and after her cuddling up close to him, Fiyero fell asleep.

The Next Morning
F: (Wakes up) My, love, Elphaba, wake up.
E: (Opens her eyes, slowly, almost like a child waking up from a nap.) Hi Fiyero,
F: (Smiles gently, and brushes away a loose curl from her emerald green face.) Hi my love. You want to try going somewhere?
E: (Looking curiously confused) Where?
F: Somewhere. Do you want to use the chair? You haven’t used your legs in a while.
E: Yes. But where are we going?
F: (Contemplates) I can’t tell you that.
E: Then i’m not going. Not until you tell me where we’re going.
F: Fine, we’re going to Oz.
E: (eyes open wide) Oz?! Fiyero, we can’t go back there! We’ll die!
F: But, my love, were going for you!
E: By doing what?!
F: I can’t tell you just yet.
E: Fine, but how are we going to disguise ourselves?
F: We’ll dress like old people!
E: (looks at Fiyero like he’s lost his mind) Are you telling me I look old?
F: No! We have an old goat and I was thinking we could shear some of its white hair and use it!
E: (Looks at Fiyero incredulously and points to her face) And what about this?
F: A hood? Or, a mud mask?
E: Mud mask is safer.
(After helping Elphaba up out of bed and getting her dressed in a long dress with boots and mittens, they glued the goat hairs on their face, along with a mud mask for Elphaba, they left the house, Elphaba in her chair, and a knapsack full of food.)
(A few hours later…)
F: Hey, you hungry?
E: A little bit.
F: You want to stop and eat?
E: Sure.
F: (Splits a sandwich in half, giving the bigger portion to Elphaba)
E: (doesn’t take a bite)
F: My love, it’s not your fault he’s gone, you can’t blame yourself for something out of your control.
E: (Tearing up) But-it’s so hard.
F: My love, I know. He was mine too. (grabs Elphaba’s unmittend hand) But we have to move on. And we can try again. Some other time. He’s always in our hearts. Okay?
E: (Nods her head, tears falling down her face. She starts eating the sandwich and motions for the knapsack and Fiyero hands her a bag of grapes)
F: (while Elphaba finishes her lunch, Fiyero continues with her to Oz.)
The Next Morning
(Still in disguise, Elphaba and Fiyero travel to Oz Castle and when they knock on the door, a little sliding door opens and a Munchkin says in a squeaky voice)
M: Who is this and what is your reason for darkening our doorstep with your presence?
F: (in a old man’s voice) We have a letter for Glinda. We need her to perform an enchantment on our house. We have a problem with some nasty demons.
M: (puts his hand through the door, Fiyero hands him the letter.) Thank you. It will be sent up to her room. (Closes the door)
F: Turns to Elphaba and kisses her mittened hand) We did it! (Turns around and they start the non stop trek back home, which is only two hours west.)

The Following Day
F: (walks into the bedroom with a washcloth and water) You want to get that dried and crusty mud mask off your face?
E: Yes. But be careful
F: My love, when have I ever NOT been careful with you? (Gives her a peck on the cheek)
E: (Giggles quietly and tiredly, then touches around her neck) Where’s the locket?!
F: (Startled ) I don’t know. Let me look.
E: (While she’s frantically looking through the bed) Fiyero!!! Where is it?!
F: (Stressed but trying to be comforting) I don’t know my love, it’ll be ok, keep looking. ( he looks back towards the bed and Elphaba is sobbing and shaking hard)
F: (Going to the bed and takes both her hands, which started trembling so much, she couldn’t lift the bedsheets to look) My love, shh. (Engulfs Elphaba in a hug from the back, still embracing her hands, rocking back and forth, but softly and slowly, the opposite of what Elphaba was doing moments before. Fiyero starts stroking her face the same as how she did with Nathaniel and humming Nathaniel’s lullaby. After a while, Elphaba falls asleep in Fiyero’s arms, and Fiyero does as well.)

Meanwhile in Oz…
(Glinda sits on her bed, looking at Elphaba’s hat from the OzDust dance)
G: Elphie, where are you?
(A knock sounds from the door)
M: A letter for you ma’am.
G: Thank you.
M: My pleasure miss. ( Leaves the room)
G: Who’s this from?

Glinda opens the letter and finds a blank piece of paper

G: Is this a joke?!

Glinda goes back into the envelope and finds a pen with a note attached that says “WRITE YOUR NAME”

G: On what?!

All of a sudden, the blank piece of paper suddenly says “ON HERE”

G: Oh! (She quickly writes her name on her paper)

All of a sudden, the writing disappears and a messy, slanted, familiar handwriting starts writing itself on the paper, While it finishes, Glinda reads:

Dear Glinda,
It’s me Fiyero. Listen, I need your help. I’m with Elphaba at a location that I can’t disclose in writing. We recently had a child that passed away a few days after his birth. His name was Nathaniel. It broke Elphaba’s heart, she hasn’t gotten out of bed since, and she hasn’t been eating since. I made her a locket with things of Nathaniel’s in it, I gave it to her and she got better, She used to be able to speak to me, but now, she won’t say a word. I tried to help her get up and exercise her legs , but she couldn’t stand upright. She leaned on me and I quite literally had to drag (as gently and harmlessly as I could) her to the bed. Please come quickly. This message was written without Elphaba’s knowledge. I think she really needs you right now. Inside the pen is a map that will lead you to us, but it will only appear if you write your name. This letter is written in the same way, please hurry. And a doctor too. I think she has an infection from the birth of Nathaniel. I’m really worried about her.
- Come quick,

Glinda, tears in her eyes reading this, she makes her decision to go immediately. She pulls the note out of the pen and writes her name and waits… The map appears, by this time, Glinda is sobbing with joy and worry)

G: Oh, Elphie! I need to find a doctor. (Glinda quickly writes a summons for the best qualified doctor in Oz, and makes it to where he comes quickly. ) Miscey!
(The munchkin from earlier opens the door and comes in.)
M: You called Miss?
G: Yes, have the Gale Force send these out and have them tell the doctor he needs to come today.
M: Yes miss.
G: (Glinda starts packing a bag and debates about bringing the hat, but decides against it. She also puts Nessarose’s shoes in the satchel.)
M: (Comes in with the doctor) He was already in the castle miss, visiting the captain.
G: Good.
Munchkin Doctor: Good morning Miss, i’m Dr. Boli, and I’m at your service.
G: Thank you. We’ll be leaving right away, and we’ll be travelling by bubble, is that ok?
DR: Yes that’s fine.
(They travel for a day, and arrive at the house, they dismount and Glinda knocks at the door. Fiyero opens the door and quietly motions them in)
F: She’s asleep. it won’t last long, she usually has nightmares around this time. Elphaba screams in fright)
F: If you’ll excuse me.
G: Go ahead.
F: (Runs upstairs)
After a while Fiyero comes back down and motions for Glinda and Dr Boli to come up.
F: My love, we have company.
E: (Her eyes open slowly and she has cuts and bruises over her face.
G: Fiyero, what happened?
F: (Wearily) When she has nightmares, she claws and hits herself. I try to stop her, but, I can’t. She screams and thrashes. When I try to calm her, no matter what I try, it never works. She can’t walk and she barely speaks to me. I hear her mutter Nathaniel’s name in her sleep.
G: Does she recognize me?
F: I don’t know. Maybe get closer? it’s okay, i’ll make sure she doesn’t harm you or herself.
(Fiyero and Glinda get closer to the bed, Dr Boli trailing behind) My love, look it’s Glinda.
G: Oh Elphie, ( She takes Elphaba’s hand) Oh Elphie, speak to me. It’s me! I came for you.
E: (Looks at Fiyero, then Glinda, eyes tearing, she says in a soft small voice,) Glinda?
G: (Teary) Yeah, it’s me.
E: (her voice a little louder) Glinda?
G: Yes.
E: (Crying) I missed you.
G: I did too.
E: (Reaches for a hug.)
G: (Does the same. They hung in silence for a long time, Fiyero watching, teary eyed and Dr Boli patiently waiting. Glinda eventually lets go, but still holding Elphaba’s hand.) Elphie, this is Dr. Boli, he’s going to help that infection.
F: Yes, but me and Glinda are right here in case you feel uncomfortable.
E: (Nods slowly)
Dr.: Hello Elphaba, you can trust me. I won’t hurt you. I need to check below your dress, with your permission of course. I just need to make sure everything is in order.
E: (Nods again)
F: Um, Dr, let me do it. She gets nervous if it’s not me. Elphie, look ( raises both hands, palms facing her) nothing okay?
E: (Nods)
F: (Lifts skirt to her knees)

After close observations, asking questions and checking, Dr Boli prescribes medication and exercise.)

G: Thank you again Dr. Boli. if I ever need you, I’ll call you. Unfortunately, I have to wipe your memory so Elphaba and Fiyero can stay safe. A bubble will take you home.
Dr.: That’s fine (whispers) i can see she’s no threat to Oz anymore, anyways.
G: Goodbye Dr. (A bubble appears and takes him back to Oz)

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GLINDA!!! (i think i can spell) And I am either an idiot or stupid or both but who is M?

The munchkin Miscey. The one who gave the letter to glinda and brought the doctor

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